Thursday, October 13, 2005


Sometimes I wonder if the fiberals and the ACLU got their way and implemented everything they have demanded over the years, would they really like the America their policies would have created. I don’t think so. Is this the America you want to live in?

* Abortions for 11 year-old girls without parental consent.
* Parents fiscally responsible even if other persons take their children to have abortions.
* Girls in the Boy Scouts.
* Boys in the Girl Scouts.
* Active promotion of a homosexual agenda in public schools.
* Unrestrained homosexual recruitment in public schools.
* Elimination of all defined moral restraint.
* Pregnant Down Syndrome girls dying at the hands abortionists like Dr. George Tiller.
* Elimination of the US Military and soldiers.
* Submission to the “morals” and legal system of the UN and it’s radical members.
* Uncontrolled immigration.
* Social funding for everyone, even if they didn’t pay into the system.
* Educational funding even if they got into the country illegally.
* Resident status for college tuition even if you’re in the country illegally.
* Unrestrained pornography.
* Marriage undefined.
* Elimination of any form of religion.
* Promotion of man-boy child abuse in the form ACLU advocacy of North American Man-Boy Love Association.
* Sexualization of young girls through dress and Madonna-Brittany Spears performance examples.
* Sublimation of American National interests to international courts.
* Subjugation of American Citizens to the whims of anti-American international judges.

I could go on...I don’t want to live in an America designed by fiberals and the ACLU. It would be like bathing in a sceptic tank with a honey bucket for soap.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah,NG. My head is spinning from all this nonsense. No more morals,no more standards/no respect in general.
This country is becoming a degenerate nation with the support of the ACLU and the like.
Shame on them!

NewGnome said...

The fight is raging!