Friday, October 07, 2005


The sad truth is that under the current political climate in Washington it is impossible to pick the “BEST” nominee for the US Supreme Court. With the Democrats, anyone to the right of Joseph Stalin is an extremist.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a former ACLU attorney, is as far to the left as Janice Rogers Brown could be considered to the right and yet Ginsburg got more votes than John Roberts. Rogers deserved this nomination. Miers doesn’t. I’d like to see the Democrats go on TV and demonstrate their penchant for diversify by attempting to vilify an ABA well-qualified Black woman.

With people like M.I.N.O Harry Reid, you don’t get the best you get the least, period. The quality of the nomination is not even in biased and sick is that.

That America is forced to pick minimally-tested nominees just so they will get passed a terminally biased Democrat hate machine because their is no paper trail, says a lot about the quality of the Democrat leadership


Anonymous said...

You hit on it once again NG.There is no leadership in the Democratic party.So yes,Miers was chosen to satisfy the left. So they think they chalk up another point? Not in my eyes. It just further proves that their hatred is the only way to take control. They have way too much time on their hands obviously.
And Donald Sutherland with his comments just further proves the Hollywood agenda as well. He should be forbidden to enter this country after the statements he made. The more they all cry like babies,the more we should stick a pacifier in their mouths.

NewGnome said...

TOS, Your problem is that you are a lot nicer than I am. If the hate in the Democrat party continues they'll destroy themselves.

Regarding Sutherland, I think that was totally self-serving. I think he did it to get publicity for his new TV show. In other words, a way for him to make more money. And you're right, Sutherland has forfeited his right to set foot in America. He's a typical liberal commie-con.

These Hollywood types are all mouth.