Tuesday, October 25, 2005

DENY AND LIE....The CrankyLiberalPages Mantra

NewsGnome has come across and interesting blog. Posted by permission:

by JFF

A secret report estimates that the “CrankyLiberal Pages.com” has received more than $273- thousand dollars in funds from the likes of George Soros and Peter Lewis through Moveon.Org. via the now defuct AmericaComingTogether.com. ACT went through $260-million dollars in the last election with only one low-level elected official to show for it and part of the spoils were direct to CLP.

Unidentified sources revealed the Florida based-CLP is an extension of the DemocratUnderground and Moveon.Org. funded by the extreme fiberal left on an ongoing basis. The blog which originated as crankyliberal.blogspot.com by a 34-year-old tecnocrat, has a small but vocal cabal of posters. Non-believers are routinely censored.

The fundamental concept, according to anonymous informants, of the blog is to provide a forum to promote unsupportable anti-Bush accusations via their main method of argument which is to “DENY and LIE.” Allegedly several operatives have been used to promote the idea including several trained in the Goebbels-technique to promote the Clinton wing of the party by keeping the lie alive.

At least one source, who asked not to be identified, has claimed that petulant and always vindictive Hillary Clinton is heavily involved in the site. Citing the example of the avalanche of hate being directed at New York Times Reporter Judith Miller by the left, the source said it’s obvious Hillary is behind the scenes pushing the vengeful CPL attacks .

Hillary wants to discredit her, in what can only be described as a convoluted and bizarre plot to strengthen the credibility of James Wilson, now under attack by even the Washington Post.

More on this story in the next post........NG


Jami said...

there is no such site as crankyliberalpages.com.

what are you people doing?

Anonymous said...

An interesting choice of words..."You People"...sounds racist.

Tori said...

and you sound way too politically correct, take it down a notch

NewGnome said...

Jami, The site is www.crankyliberal.com
It's called CrankyLiberalPages, at whom I occasionally poke fun. Cranky removes any posts I make on his web page.

For example, Cranky claimed that scientific consensus is equivalent to peer review and amounts to establishing a scientific fact. I posted on his blog that "at one point scientific concensus said the world was flat"...that didn't make it flat. He censored (removed totally) my post pointing out the utter idiocy of his conclusion.

A member of his blog team called me a child molester and my daughters prostitutes. That person was not censored while my post was about his bizarre conclusion was. He denied that he censored me for several weeks until finally he sent me an private email admitting it. He didn't admit his lying about censoring me on his blog until I posted it on my blog. Then he attempted to justify his censorship. Fiberals perpetually accuse the right of censorship while doing it themselves.

Sorry about the confusion. I just improperly assumed that most visitors to my blog were aware of the on going occasional open tete-a-tete.


PS: I own "crankyliberalpages.com" it's on the shelf at the moment

NewGnome said...

"An interesting..." Geeze! can't we say anything any more? It's one of the frustrations of trying to write anything, someone is going to get insulted.

"You people" is NOT a racist statement. It's an editorial construction referring to whom ever you're talking about. It's not directed at a racial group as fiberals always make it sound.

Next time please use a "handle" so we can refer to you in our posts. I think I'm going to make that a requirement for this blog.

Tori said...

i'm so sick of handling everyone with kitten gloves.

NewGnome said...

Me too!