Sunday, October 02, 2005


NYT Cuts Its Own Throat

The liberal left invariable quotes the alleged “holy grail” truth in America: “The New York Times.” Liberals, like crankyliberalpages quote the NYT as though it has no agenda, no bias or that there is no question about any word written therein. Apparently flaws of the “paper of record” are getting more and more obvious and demanding the question: “Is the New York Times still worthy of the title “paper of record?”.

An article in Editor and Publisher illustrates just how dysfunctional and dishonest the “Times” has become. Ultra-leftist Paul Krugman wrote in his column that NYT vote recounts of the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore gave Gore the win which is absolutely the opposite of what the vote recount showed. But Krugman didn’t repeat the lie once he did it FOUR times.

George W. Bush won every single vote recount by every organization, liberal or conservative, conducted-- period!

His persistent lie forced the Public Editor of the New York Times Byron Calame, to change the “Times” policy which is now listing column corrections on the Op-Ed page. Finally Krugman corrected his error after the revelation on the Op-Ed page.

Then there’s the case of Alessandra Stanley a New York Times reporter who wrote Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera "nudged" Air Force relief worker out of the way so his cameraman could film him helping load a 78-year-old Katrina victim into a rescue helicopter. Problem was that the full tape of the incident was available for viewing and "Times" Stanley fabricated the whole story expecting not to be caught. Of course the legal threat by Rivera helped them make the correction.

These are not reporter mistakes. They are agenda driven efforts to undermine the Bush Administration and cast aspersions on FOX News. That is the insidious dishonesty of it.

And I have even mentioned the Jayson Blair story. My judgement is that the New York Times has abdicated its right to the title “paper of record.”


Anonymous said...

The Times needs to stop the BS. I can't stand them. They are so left they make their own heads spin.

NewGnome said...

What bugs me is that the fiberals quote the Times as though its every word is 100% accurate and they're unbiased. What a crock.NG