Friday, October 14, 2005


Anti-American web sites like and CrankyLiberal are vitriolic in their utter hate for “religion.” Or are they?

Just a cursory reading of their sites reveal an interesting bias: it’s only the Christian religion that fuels their passionate hatred. Could it be that their fear of Islamic retaliation which causes them to self-censor their posts? Isn’t it obvious, they only criticize religions that won’t kill them....that’s perfectly understandable...though terminally hypocritical.

Fiberals justify Islamic oppression of women as “oh that’s” Muslim’s business. We stay out of that. You never see criticisms of those practices on posts from the far left. Even the NAGs walk circumspectly around these issues.

But wait.....Didn’t King Faud last night on “BaBa WaWa’s” even announce that some day women may actually be able to drive real cars in Saudi Arabia...what a momentous day. The Fiberals should be dancing in the streets at the expanding tolerance of Islam. What’s next, that women will be able to breath with out a man’s permission....truly monumental steps forward.


Anonymous said...

I must say you come up with some really good points. Everything with the liberals focuses around religion(Christianity that is). They seem to make connections about everything to it. They take the simplest situations and attach religion to it. Everything that is wrong with the world is because of Christianity. But nothing is wrong when(or at least they will never bring it up) about any other extreme religion. They want to abolish Christianity and give tolerance for all other religions.Gee now there's a good idea. Let's all have women wearing burkas.They can't even use that as an arguement and say that isn't America's religion but we are slowly working toward that.

NewGnome said...

Seems to me it's not too slowly. I wonder what they would do if they got their way and the Muslims would start pressing for "Sharia" telling the fibs what to do every part of their day.

I think Christianity might not seem so intolerant or at least not as they portray it today.

Hey TOS if you have a blog let me know, I'd be happy to add it to my list in addition to reading it. NG

Anonymous said...

No blog yet but I am working on it.