Monday, August 01, 2005


LOL......The height of liberal hypocrisy has been reached. Helen Thomas, the antique White House gossip columnist who said if Dick Cheney runs for President she’d kill herself, is sniveling in the corner. I think Cheney ought to run just to prove her normal every day brand of hypocrisy because she’d pull an Alec Baldwin every time.

But poor baby Thomas is unhappy that her “I’ll Kill Myself” words got printed. She’s gotten a taste of her own medicine and doesn’t like it. She prints the worst kind of gossip as though it’s absolute fact about President Bush, Karl Rove and any Republican so now she’s angry because “The Hill’ printed her “off the record” stupidity.

How many time has Helen Thomas published something said off the record...what...50, 100 a thousand times?

As “The Hill” Editor Albert Eisele has said “no body has thinner skin than reporters” and Thomas' is the thinnest of all. Is there a better reason to have Cheney run?

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