Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Is Bush Really As Powerful As Merlin?

It was bound to happen...since everything wrong in the whole world is George W. Bush’s fault...it was inevitable: German media blames Bush for Katrina because he didn’t sign the Kyoto treaty.

Now ROBERT F KENNEDY JR. has joined the Germans and surpassed them on the stupid scale. According to this genius, Louisiana Governor Haley Barbour is also to blame for Katrina along with Bush.

Isn’t it amazing what a signature by George W. Bush can do. According to Kennedy, Bush is the American “Merlin”. Kennedy has said that by the mere stroke of a pen President Bush can stop hurricanes. Even Superman can’t do that.

Which is it liberals, he’s either barely smart enough to breath, or has more power than the mythical Merlin.

It really is amazing how stupid liberals can sound.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention Clinton didn't sign the Kyote treaty either and Robert Kennedy Jr. was against windmills in Cape Cod. No not in his neighborhood!

NewGnome said...

Robert Kennedy Jr....sort of the modern version of Don Quixote...tilting at windmills.

If there were a stupid scale and 10 was the stupidist, Kennedy would score 11-1/2

Anonymous said...

I hear you bro!