Sunday, August 28, 2005


Or How Liberals really lie!

Well, Well, Well! CrankyLiberal has just sent me an email admitting to censoring my comments on his blog, despite months of denial. Now doesn’t that sound just like a liberal....deny, deny, deny then blame me. How Typical!

All you Cranky fans out there, if he has been lying about this, what else has he been lying about? Of course, in true Clintonista style I'm the one at fault. What was that about the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,” it was all their fault. Here is Cranky doing exactly the same thing. He had too censor me You understand...don'tyou! Ha, Ha, Ho, Ho, CrankyLiberal must be on blow!

Here’s the direct paste (mistakes and all) from his email:

“Also once again please note that you got censored AFTER your commetns got ridiculous” quote Cranky Liberal.

He called my comments ridiculous because he didn’t agree with them and in particular, his bizzare statement that peer review consensus equated to actual truth, which was beyond stupid. I called him on it. He didn’t respond--he censored! After calling me all kinds of names like crazy and nuts denying that he had censored me... so now the truth comes out. How hypocritically-typically liberal of him.


Anonymous said...

That is so Liberal of him. I guess the word "Liberal" is only one sided. It ceases to amaze me and I agree with the fact that if they don't agree with you then sweep it under the table. The liberals have a new vocabulary.
Oh there's plenty more name calling where they are concerned. There like babies saying "nah,nah,nah,nah"

NewGnome said...

Right on! Just to combat their vocabulary I've coined the label "commie-cons" and fiberals for their kind.

Anonymous said...

It's only in defense woodrow.

Cranky Liberal said...

Of course he fails to point out the deletion of comments came months after he accused me of doing, even when his comments were so prominantly posted on my site. Or that the comments that were deleted were after I warned him that abusive comments would not be tolerated. But yeah I censored him finally. Whats the problem with that? He wanted to be censored and he was. Private property rights and all. I don't have to allow a stranger to trash my house, I don't have to allow someone to trash my site.

Feel Free to delete Rand. You know you want to.