Monday, August 22, 2005


The following is the stupidest post I have ever read.
It is from a far-left liberal blog called CrankyLiberal on which I occasionally try to post rebuttals but Cranky always censors my posts when they make him look bad. The following is an example.

Cranky’s original post was about global warming, a fiberal sacred cow. The following was pasted directly from CrankyLiberal. Emphasis is mine.

Reader Comment - Richard Noggin Award 8/6 August 13, 2005

“And SCIENCE HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT CONSENSUS. That’s kind of how the scientific method works. That’s the whole point of peer review. If some scientist “assured” me that the world wasn’t getting warmer because of mans involvement, then his research would need to stand up to the scrutiny of his peers. So far that has NOT happened. I guess all the scientist (sic) in the world who see Global Warming as an issue (nearly all of them) are all crazy or greedy or whatever while the few nay-sayers have it all right. Maybe they found their evidence in the same place the ID camp found theirs.

No Ray, Global warming has not been thoroughly debunked PERIOD. No Ray you can’t assure us of anything, even if you happen to be a climatologist yourself, and no Ray it is not like a yelling fire in a crowded theater. It’s more like the guy yelling ICE AHEAD on the Titanic.”

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Note of interest: For all of Cranky's complaints about outscourcing American jobs...he outsources his web hosting to another country despite his Cleveland address. One more typical bit of hypocrisy for the left and Cranky.

My response:

“That’s KIND OF HOW the scientific method works." I’d love to hear what Cranky’s science teacher would say about that gem. SCIENCE IS CONSENSUS!!!!

Using that brilliant logic, the world really is flat because the greatest and overwhelming number of scientists at the time said it was. But then again, that's liberal logic for ya. The difference is that when you fail to use “all” the information, most of which is pure speculation and highly flawed computer models...what can you expect.

Science, no matter what Cranky says, simply cannot predict, the yearly impact of El Nino and La Nina (or even what causes them), volcanic eruptive impact, solar variations, solar flares, precession fluctuations and a whole ton of other variables. But Cranky is just like the flat-worlders.......the scientists say its so because “we've studied it and it's so. Our collective conclusion is that the world is flat!” That's rich....

By the way, using Cranky’s thinking....Global warming scientists conclusions have not stood the test of peer review. Current computer models are woefully inadequate. Did you know for example, that computer models are even incapable of modeling “clouds” in determining their influence on global warming or cooling.

Another interesting piece of information. There is a$10,000 bet on between two Russian solar physicists, Galina Mashnich and Vladimir Bashkirtsev with English climate expert James Annan that in the next ten years the planet will cool.


Anonymous said...

So he's saying that just because scientists agree it's true? This idiot is suffering severe brain drain.

Anonymous said...

Annan is crazy if he thinks he can win. But maybe the leftys will finally figure it out they ain't as smart as they think.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet this crankyliberal guy must of got a D- in science. Maybe he just had his head in the in the clouds and thinks that what the world realy is about.

NewGnome said...

Dear Anonyomous, Just today, a scientist on Bush's climitological panel quit because the other scientists apparently were "peer reviewing" their own work. Which I'm sure, with Cranky's type of twisted scientific thinking would constitute real "Peer Review." NG