Thursday, August 11, 2005


If there is a single person, other that Osama bin Laden for the tragedy of 911 it is Hillary Clinton. Hillary demanded that Jamie Gorelick be named assistant AG in the Clinton Administration and be placed in a position of power. As a result 3000 Americans are dead. Thank you Hillary.

With that power Gorelick, with her wall of separation memo, disallowed critical life and death military intelligence from being given to the FBI. The information about Mohammed Atta, leader of the 911 terrorists-murderers could not be transferred at a critical time which would have stopped the WTC attack dead in it tracks.

Gorelick also sat on the 911-Commission and said nothing. In fact, she purposefully kept this critical information from the commission to keep the truth about Hillary and herself from being told. It makes the commission’s effort worthless.

Isn’t it suddenly obvious what Sandy Berger, Clinton’s national security advisor, was stuffing down his pants to keep it hidden.

It is Hillary Clinton who is responsible, via Jamie Gorelick, and Democrats think she is qualified to be president. NOT!

And you “liberals” had a major wedgy over the outing of a worthless already identified flunky in the CIA. Karl Rove didn’t identify Plame, but Clinton/Gorelick helped cause the death of 3000 American, and that is true.


Anonymous said...

Another fact about that is the 9-11 commission was so looking for Bush as a scapegoat and when they realized that they would have to put blame on Clinton they didn't have a leg to stand on. Talk about Left Wing Nonsense!

NewGnome said...

You got that right! What's worse is that the Republicans on the committee went along with this...where are their loyalities?