Tuesday, August 09, 2005


"We need a message” Howard Dean, Democrat National Committee Chairman (AP 08-09-06)

The problems is that the Democrats have been spewing their message for 5 years now and it has worked perfectly, at least for Republicans. Here’s their message......

l. We HATE Bush.
2. We HATE Bush’s agenda.
3. We HATE Bush’s speeches.
4. We HATE Bush appointments
5. We HATE Bush judicial nominations.
6. We HATE Bush for bringing freedom to Iraq.
7. We HATE Bush for doing what he promised to do in his campaign.
8. We HATE Bush because the economy is strong.
9. We HATE Bush because his economy is not a dishonest Clinton bubble economy.
10. We HATE Bush because he’s faithful to his wife.
11. We HATE Bush because unemployment is down.
13. We HATE Bush because income is up.
14. We HATE Bush because so far he’s stopped al Qaeda from bombing America again.
15. We HATE Bush because he beats us on everything.
16. We HATE Bush because he goes to his Texas ranch .
17. We HATE Bush because he is the healthiest president in history.
18. We HATE Bush because he works out.
19. We HATE Bush because he hired Karl Rove who always out-thinks Carville “We Hate Bush” Democrats.
20. We HATE Bush because he’s included more minorities in his administration than Bill Clinton ever did.
21. In case you’ve missed the point, Democrats do have a message Mr. Dean and it is “We HATE Bush!”

The biggest difference between Bill Clinton and George Bush is what they each did with the challenges they’ve faced. Clinton faced a slow economy and created a bubble economy and it burst and went into recession. He was confronted with terrorism-he ignored it. He faced a pair of thong panties and focused on them for most of his second term.

We know what George Bush had done so far. He will go down in history as a president who has faced difficult situations like Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Truman and Ronald Reagan and rose to the challenge. Clinton was not successful at anything until the Republicans took Congress and straightened out the economy. We know Clinton rose on several occasions but it was not to the same kind of challenge.

It’s not the message Mr. Dean, it’s the record. The truth is you have no message. NG


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