Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Surfing the liberal blogosphere makes one thing immediately, if painfully, obvious for centrist Democrats and “traditional liberals.”

The vicious nature of the liberal blog rhetoric, the demand for absolute obedience to far-left orthodoxy, and the requirement that regular liberals adopt both the rhetoric and orthodoxy is splitting the left into two distinct parts not seen in almost a century.

The Howard Dean side of the chasm is beyond loud and drowning out any semblance of moderation or traditional liberal values. It’s an all or nothing mentality.

Cindy Sheehan’s “vigil” is a graphic example. She is a hyperbolic leftist of the 4th dimension. Mainstream media, with nothing else to do, have made her antics daily fodder for the left and her own off the charts rhetoric reflects the extremes of the Dean left.

What is not so obvious is the full-fledged backpedaling liberals and Democrats are having to do so as not to be tainted with the malignant nature of bloggers who force their demands into the forefront of leftists politics and aggressively confront “slackers.”

The chance for change anytime soon is not apparent. The “swing” voters are watching and want no part of the Stalinistic tactics of the blogosphere left. The more the far-left bloggers demand compliance the more they alienate the very voters they are desperately trying to attract to regain power.

What is happening to the left is exactly what they have been accusing the “vast right wing conspiracy” of doing. I’m just glad I have a chance to watch and applaud the left’s self-inflicted difficulties.

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