Thursday, August 25, 2005



A new Rasmussen poll finds that suddenly the American people are in support of Nuclear energy. What a surprise. For years environmentalists and their lackies have shut down practically every kind of energy exploration and finally the American people are seeing what environmental intransigence has wrought.

I’m sick of Americans who demand everything but vote “green” and then complain when it comes back to bite them in the butt. No drilling along the coasts, no nuclear, no drilling in ANWR, no wind turbines near any Kennedy bunker, no new dams, cut down on coal, energy search kills fish. When are you people going to wake up and think about what your “green” votes cost?

What do you expect when liberal Americans have forced us to eliminate energy independence and then complain about it. You libs voted for the politicians that gave us these policies and prices. I didn’t.

Maybe we can make $5 bucks a gallon. Thank you Democrats for the high energy prices. You can’t dump this one on the Republicans. But you Republicans had better get your collective brains together because energy and immigration CAN and WILL send you packing.


Anonymous said...

Just how are we supposed to get energy with those all the blocks and regs. No wonder gas is sky high

Anonymous said...

The hypocrites strike again!

Brian said...

Once again what's the point of this post? That the "libs voted for the politicians that gave us these policies and prices"? How's that possible? Haven't the Republicans run the House for nearly 12 years now? Or is the annoying Not In My Back Yard syndrome? Energy exploration hasn't been shut down. Nuclear power is a good solution. Dealing with the waste isn't that difficult (subduction baby!).

NewGnome said...

Whatsamatta “brian,” having a little trouble with sarcasm? Libs have blocked 95% of the EXPLORATION and DEVELOPMENT of energy sources through environmental regulations and endangered species act using activists liberal judges.

Your specious and dishonest comment that Republicans run the House is typical fiberal spinning. The house is only half the legislative branch. Perhaps you’d better check your history a little more closely. Eight of the 12 years you mention a liberal Democrat was in the White House handing out knee pads and refusing to sign anything that would have really addressed our energy problems. We’re paying the price at the pump now. I guess you like those prices? Is that right?

The first two years of the Bush administration Democrats controlled the senate, thanks to Jumpin’Jim Jeffords. So we’re really only talking about the last two years.

Even as I write this, there are approximately 30 to 50 lawsuits, just to mention a few, that environmentalists and animal right groups have filed to stop energy exploration and development, in several Rocky Mountain states, (a dozen or more in Utah alone) in California and Florida coastal waters and in the gulf Mexico and let's not forget ANWR.

New refinery construction has been tied up in courts for 25 years. Not one has been built in the US in all that time. A hundred gas formulas required for various environmental regulations have restricted and hindered production, not to mention raising the price of gasoline, nor mention horrendous taxes on Gas

Nuclear power has been not just stopped, but reversed. The Sacramento nuclear power plant was shutdown purely because of bogus environmental reasons. Perpetual lawsuits have raised the costs of nuclear power to gargantuan proportions. We owe it all to the “fiberals.”

It appears we may finally be able to drill in ANWR. Just maybe, Republicans are going to get their act together.

Clinton literally outsourced the greatest coal deposit in the United states to Indonesia by creating the Escalante National Park. He eliminated any option of developing the best coal deposits in the US by the stroke a pen, and without consultation with Congress or state officials in Utah.

So yes, Brian. It’s been the “libs” who’ve halted energy exploration. I suspect by your post you want to go back to manure paved streets of yore. I for one, don’t. And the Republicans had better start fighting back or they’re going to lose on this issue.

I’m sorry you seem too thick to understand the irony of the problem and accept the fact that environmentalists have shot themselves in the foot making the worst possible decisions creating a worse environment instead of better.

So tell me where are YOUR solutions? I haven't heard any from environmentalists that have any meaningful immediate impact. NG