Monday, November 06, 2006


Here’s what Democrats say they’ll do for it really what you want?

Eliminate tax cuts.
Increase taxes.
Cut and run from Iraq
Cut and run from encouraging growth of international democracy
Praise radical Islam while punishing Christianity and Judaism
Expand anti-Semitism through radicalized blogs and 527 groups
Increase regulations to stop greenhouse gases
Stop energy drilling in the U.S.
Stop refinery construction in America
Halt development of nuclear energy
End the Patriot Act stopping the wiretapping of terrorist calls
Allow anyone and everyone to cross our borders
Impeach President Bush
Cut off funds for our soldiers in Iraq
Weaken the US Military so it cannot defend America when necessary
Ignore Iran and North Korea’s nuclear intentions
Expand government taking of private land
Increase restrictions on property you own
Allow courts to legislate from the bench
Install international law to supercede constitutional law
Expand and encourage abortion
Use global warming to raise taxes on businesses
Increase cost of entry level jobs by increasing minimum wage
Punish businesses, who want to expand, with higher corporate taxes
Take more money from the people who are paying the highest taxes already
Punish entrepreneurial technological enthusiasm with more regulations and taxes
Destroy large pharmaceutical companies destroy

If this is what you want: VOTE DEMOCRAT tomorrow


Right Wing said...

It blows my mind that people will vote Democrat. Obviously they don't love their country. Or they're just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

They will spend all their time "spinning" around chasing their tails. I guess that's what they mean by "Change The Direction"