Saturday, November 11, 2006


Detached Thinking Dominates Rosie and the Jihadists

Iraqi Shiites and Sunnis hate each other more than they hate Americans. At least that’s how I read the latest figure made public by the Iraqi Government.

Shiites and Sunnis have killed 150,000 of their own. The bombs are infrequently aimed at Americans now and most frequently aimed at each other. Apparently, the hate spawned and encouraged by Mohammed's Koran continues and his jihadists don’t know how to stop killing.

Rosie O’Donnell compared fundamentalist Christians to the jihadists terrorists killing their own. But then Rosie has never been too bright. She would be killed as a lesbian by the jihadists she is comparing to Christians. Interestingly, she has lived among fundamentalist Christians....that’s the point....she has LIVED. She would NOT be allowed to live among these Islomofacists.

With defenders like Rosie, the Jihadists will continue their killing in Iraq and try to export more of it to America. She and her leftist friends will try to stop the National Security Agency (NSA) from identifing those terrorsits. If they succeed, Rosie and her friends will be to blame. They will do what Clinton did, ignore Jihadist attacks on America. I wonder, then, if someone in her family is killed, will she’ll change her tune. I doubt it. She is symptomatic of the detached thought of the left and the jihadists. She and they have had to turn their hatred at someone, Rosie at Christians, among whom, she lives, and the Islamofacists have turned their hate on each other.

When the NSA is unable to track the terrorists and the blood of Americans is running the our own streets, who will Rosie and friends blame. Bush, of course, not the blood thirsty Mohammad-inspired hate mongers.

Rosie’s hate, like that of the jihadists, will continue to perpetuate murderous terrorism. Apparently, she is no different from those Shiites and Sunnis who have been taught by Mohammed to kill and can’t figure out how to stop themselves.

Here's an update on what Rosie thinks...if you can really call it thinking.

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