Friday, November 17, 2006


At the beginning of this year’s hurricane season, climatologists predicted 17 named storms this season and 9 hurricanes. Instead there have been 9 named storms and 5 hurricanes, none of which did major damage to the US as did last year’s hurricanes.

In order to excuse their inaccurate forecasts they blamed El Nino’s late arrival. They, of course, failed to predict the late arrival, but they are forecasting doom and gloom because of climate change. If they can’t predict one of the major elements of weather change, how can they, with a straight face, predict future weather with accuracy?

"A variety of factors interact with each other to cause year-to-year and month-to-month hurricane variability," Colorado State University researcher Philip Klotzbach said. He had predicted the storms but in a statement from Fort Collins, Colorado November 17th reported by AP admitted, "It is impossible to understand how all these processes interact with each other to 100 percent certainty."

Yet these same doom and gloomers have predicted major climate change on earth and can’t even make accurate hurricane predictions....what was his word?....IMPOSSIBLE!
The self-aggrandizing arrogance of these “climate change gurus” is mind boggling. NG

PS: Has there ever been a time in the entire life of earth that there was NO climate change?

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Anonymous said...

The only time there was climate change was during Bush's presidency,we all know that.