Monday, November 06, 2006


Two items in the past couple of weeks have been very rewarding to me personally. As a former journalist, I’ve lamented the completely politically agendized mainstream media, which has gone so far overboard in bashing George W. Bush and Republicans, they have given up any pretense professional journalism.

The first item was the New York Times effort to bash Bush with the release of Iraqi documents outlining how to build a nuclear bomb. The Times, claimed the documents showed that in 1990 Saddam was only a year away from the capacity of building a nuclear weapon.

Inadvertently, the Times had proven an active program for building WMDs in Iraq. Thank you NYT for putting your foot in your presses and proving what you’ve been denying for 4 years, Saddam was trying to build nuclear bombs.

The second item, was the statement by John Kerry calling American troops in Iraq stupid. This time Kerry can’t blame Bush or the Swift Boat Vets. He did it all by himself and has removed himself from consideration for president in 2008. That certainly isn't bad. The irony of ironies is that Kerry thinks of himself as smarter than Bush, even though his grades were lower at Yale than Bush's and his alleged misstatement proves he's even dumber than he claims our brave and intelligent soldiers in Iraq are.

Neither the Times nor Kerry can blame anyone but themselves for their gaffs and that is the beauty of it.


Anonymous said...

This economy is now oficially going to go in the toilet.Be afraid,be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

NG-How are you doing?

NewGnome said...

Tos, Don't worry about this election. The Democrats won't be able to do a tenth of what they hope, unless Bush caves completely. Unfortunately, that may already be underway.

At this point, Democrats don’t have a veto proof majority so things will be basically a stale mate, not much different than we have now. 2008 won’t be much different. The biggest question will be the repeal of the tax cuts in 2010. If that happens buy gold.

The saddest question is how will our brave troops take this. They’ve given their lives to bring democracy to Iraq, and that may now appear to have been in vain, because Democrats and some very stupid Americas don't have the guts of the "Great Generation."

NewGnome said...

How am I doing?.......That's a good question. I've been so busy, I haven't had time to really think about it. I'm building a commercial building along the freeway and arranging for renters and haven't had time to think to deeply about the descending "Pelosi era."

Maybe this is the time. Will write a "HOW AM I DOING" post and would appreciate your thoughts on it.

How are you doing?


Anonymous said...

I guess a little better after reading your comments. They are all beside themselves. Our new governor in NY already has a plan for more money to inner city schools which will come in the form of adding even higher property taxes to our already extremely high taxes. Although I want everyone to have a fair education I believe the p[roblem isn't so much the money but the disinigration of the family. How is money going to help people that can't help themselves. As far as everything else I am not happy about Nancy Pelosi. I think she is bad for this country with it's already declining values. They call it progressive,I call it regressive.
The democrats didn't win as much as the republicans lost. They only want people to think the way they do otherwise they consider you to be the enemy. I'm fine but I kind of feel like we had another attack on US soil.

NewGnome said...

Figures I've read recently indicate that 70 per cent of intercity black babies are born out of wedlock.
Bill Cosby has been working to bring attention to this problem that is having a cataclysmic
impact on those babies and families, but he seems to be waging a losing battle. More babies
in general today are born to unwed mothers. So I can understand your concern and frustration. As you've said, money isn't the answer.

The biggest thing you have to worry about from Pelosi will be a whirlwind of hot air and mind numbing number of
accusations that will go no where.

Just remember, the Democrats have the congressional podium and they'll use it. The problem is, they can't have a "no agenda" agenda and convince Americans of anything. Hot air, although it can't be seen, is still obvious.