Thursday, November 09, 2006


Will wild-eyed Nancy Pelosi and MINO Harry Reid have the power to reign-in their far-left Soros sponsored institutionalized hate mongers who inhabit the blogosphere. The haters are so committed to vengeance I doubt they’ll be satisfied with anything short of an all out offensive against President Bush.

What is interesting is that, if that happens, the Democrats will be petrified and unable to do much of anything....other than bluster and blabber. It will also show perfectly the vacuum that is the Democrat agenda.

Now the problem facing Democrats. Now “they” are responsible for what happens in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Durfar, illegal immigration, terrorism and the economy. If they scuttle the economy with efforts at increasing the regulations, taxes and eliminating energy drilling which will increase gas prices, it will be directly put at the door step of the Democrats. Any successes will be Bush’s success, despite Democrat obstruction. It will be the Democrat dilemma. In a way, they now have a stake in making sure things go smoothly.

The worse things are in 2008, the less chance the Democrats will have to keep the house and Senate, especially if it is perceived that the Democrats are responsible for diverting attention away from the war on terror and America is hit. The terrorists are not going to stop attempting to hit America because Democrats are in charge of Congress.

What will Democrats do. I wonder if they know what they are going to do themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Even though they won the house and senate they are still and will always be a bunch of losers. Without George Bush they have nothing to offer except to get the republicans out so they can have all the power. Question is power to do what? Losers,yesterday,today and always. We await as our country goes down the toilet into the cesspool and then the sewers with the rest of the rats.