Sunday, July 10, 2005


Isn’t it interesting, Bill Clinton can criticize John Kerry as soft on National Security but liberal author Edward Klein can’t criticize Hillary in “The Truth About Hillary.” It’s an interesting form of liberals censoring liberals. It’s true of a blog called Cranky Liberal.

I’ve been bloguing (I’ve coined this word to define arguing bloggers) with ”Cranky Liberal.” In an exchange of emails with him, he accused me of not providing the evidence of the number of deaths extrapolated on a daily basis caused by Saddam Hussein and his regime while in power. He has constantly accused me, as have the 15 or so commenters on his blog, of failing to back up the number of daily deaths caused by Saddam I claim. I did in this blog’s June 4th post “Dead Because of Saddam.” Of course, Cranky chose not to read it because it would have precluded him from claiming I had lied.

His is a technique he and other liberals use constantly. In two other recent incidents of him calling me a liar, I quoted the fact that some 90 percent of the suicide bombers were from outside of Iraq. He immediately called me a liar. I gave him the site showing the numbers posted on a terrorist web page and how the US Military discovered their identity showing some 50 to 60 percent being from Saudi Arabia.

In another instance, Paul Krugman, liberal NYT columnist took $50,000 from Enron for a years worth of advice at the height of Enron’s duplicity. Again he called me a liar. I again provided the evidence. Krugman made nary a peep about the conflict of interest of a journalist being paid by a company and then failing to report the payoff, and the reporter failing to criticize the company during the period he was being paid.

Krugman has written a book in which Cranky claims Krugman takes Enron to task. But read his exact quote about Krugman’s comments. “Go read Krugmans book. Ken Lay and Enron are whipping boys in the first half of the book. It is in my office....” Do you notice how he didn’t say he read it, only that it’s in his office. I suppose I’m supposed to intuit exactly what Krugman may have said. He also promised to provide names, dates and page numbers to me of articles Krugman wrote critical of Enron, but hasn’t.

For Cranky, everyone who doesn’t agree with him is a “D..n” “f..k..g liar. His speech is constantly in the gutter. Yet when you attempt to find his evidence, you’ll find scant reading. He has none. The Downing Street Memo, is a perfect example of liberal’s making mountains out of molehills. Cranky spent lots of time quoting from this so-called infallible source. What he specifically fails to point out is that the reporter used copies of copies with no originals provided to verify. If that sounds like Dan Rather and the Bush National guard records to you...I agree sounds like it to me too.

So when you’re called a liar by a liberal check the fine will be full of obfuscated tripe. Like the vicious attack on Klein by his own kind. Don’t think you can write the truth about liberals even if you’re a liberal and live to tell about it....unless you are Bill Clinton trying to liquidate potential rivals for the Democrat presidential nomination for his wife in 2008.

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Cranky Liberal said...

He is still lying and misrepresenting the truth. Not that anyone actualy reads here. I get more traffic in 3 hours.