Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Blogger LiberPaul, (CrankyLiberal Blog) defines liberal thinking in a nutshell.
He proudly proclaims that liberals don’t need no stinking new ideas!
Couldn’t have defined it better myself.
If fiberals truly are thinking this way, conservatives have already won the battle.
His self-proclaimed liberal pillars of “thought” are collapsing.
Social Security will be at bankruptcy door within 15 years.
Medicare will be there in less than ten years.
SS has been a Ponsi scheme from the beginning and still is.
The Endangered Species Act has not saved one species.
New Zealand is ready to rescind its Kyoto signature. Treaty will cost that little country a billion alone.
Barroso: European Commission just dumped the EU air pollution strategy: says job lost cost too high!
Animal rights groups are suing alternative power groups to stop wind farms from killing bald eagles.
Fiberal stalwart environmental hypocrites “The Kennedys” are fighting “windpower” because it’s in their back yard.
Paul Krugman columnist was a PR flack for Enron at the height of its shenanigans and he still promoted that company.
Enron employees were stupid to keep all their eggs in one basket.
Enron is just another word for Social Security in a few years.
40-and-under types who think Social Security will be there for retirement are spitting into the wind.
My brother and sister-in-law paid into Social Security all their lives, died before 65, their children got nothing.
Their whole SS savings was confiscated by our precious fiberal big government.
Had their retirement been in a private account, their children would have received the benefits of their savings.
Liberal pillar of the left the NY Times dropped from first to sixth on the best newspaper list because they’ve become totally agendized and dishonest.
80 per cent of what NYT reports politically is suspect, and I wouldn’t believe 15 per cent of the rest.
Thus, NYT quotes to support a position is extremely questionable at best.
The NYT is as discredited as CBS.

So please all you LiberPaul types out go right on with your self-delusion. I’m sure as the collapse of liberal pillars continues you’ll blame conservative ideas proving that you really are as insipid as you sound.

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