Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Voices from Muslim Mosques have frequently been virulently anti-American/anti-Democracy. Also frequently, these voice have been from America Islamic pulpits as well as all over the world. The same is even focused in England and Scandinavian countries who tolerate the hate, as long as it is not directed at themselves. With the bombings in London that has changed.

An Islamic Scholar Hani al-Siba said today in London that there is no difference in Islam between civilian and military targets. Does that mean that in order to defend ourselves we must begin targeting all Muslims?

The question is what will begin moving the minds of the moderate Muslims to cut out the cancer that is so apparently ingrained in all facets of Islam. Islamic clerics have been extremely sparse in their criticism of the violence perpetrated in the name of Mohammad.

Non-Muslims are wondering where will it stop. Is the goal of Islam the total eradication (read ethnic/religious cleansing) of all those who do not convert or are labeled “infidels?” The current path of silence on which “mainstream” Islam has embarked is an extremely dangerous one. Unless they begin to wake up and realize every Muslim, guilty of terrorism or not, is allowing himself and his family to become targets and sheer fear will force normally rational people to act violently for what they perceive is their own self-defense.

In the 1800's a woman named Mary Mallon lived from 1869 to 1938. She was an Irish immigrant who was a known “healthy carrier” of Typhoid fever. She spread the disease killing at least three and infecting many others, but never contracted the disease herself. Ultimately, she was quarantined to North Brother Island in 1915 and remained there until her death until 1938.

From that time on “Typhoid Mary” became the symbol of a disease carrier. Since she was of Irish descent, her ethnicity caused untold hardship on many Irish immigrants. Irish Need Not Apply signs were not displayed strictly because of ethnic hatred. Fear also played a part, founded or otherwise.

Today, Islam is becoming the “Typhoid Mary” of our generation. Many carry the disease, but don’t show symptoms, do nothing about it and allow hysteria to grow and focus on all Muslims. If that is not changed by Muslims themselves, Islam will become a religious Typhoid Mary”

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