Monday, July 04, 2005


There once was a country, whose leaders were untimately oppressive, its soldiers using deadly force and intimidation against its people, committing egregious atrocities against them. This roguish nation invaded it’s neighbors going to war, killing both civilians and soldier in great numbers. Lives, property and honor were taken at will by a self-indulgent dictator and his acolytes.

Sadly, a select few within the country who had enjoyed the power of dictatorial favor, opposed freedom and took up arms themselves to stop the freedom movement. They worked to quell the freedom by sedition.

The rogue nation used mercenary tribes to control and kill those who would not capitulate to dictatorial edicts and will. Despite being under the boot of constant and vicious threat and with the help of a friendly county from a different continent, they trained and fought to obtain their freedom.

With that country’s help, liberty was realized, free elections were proposed and a government began to form. But difficulties ensued and legislators bickered and fought over every issue. A minority complained about being under represented and demanded their rights be protected and their voices heard or they would withdraw their support.

The people who wanted to be free were Americans. The dictator was English King George III. France was the friendly country. The Hessian storm troopers were the hated mercenary tribe and the minority groups were small states demanding rights.

The Articles of Confederation failed. Almost 10 years after the declaration of freedom, bickering to create the Constitution was intense. Finally it was ratified and America was born.

Liberals today are actively trying to sabotage the successful creation of a democracy in Iraq. They see everything as a failure. They see no progress. They demand withdrawal before it’s even reasonable. They cheer the murdering Muslims of Al Qaeda and Zarqawi hoping for the failure of George W. Bush, the failure of America and the failure of democracy in Iraq. This because they believe Iraq’s failure would return them to power in America.

They care nothing for the freedom and liberty of the Iraqi people. Liberals, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are preforming the same function in America that Zarqawi and his Saudi invaders are performing in Iraq attempting to destroy from within. How sick to offer democracy on an Iraqi blood alter for personal power.

God Bless American, and the brave soldiers who have given the ultimate price for freedom for the People of Iraq and America. May God also bless the families who have paid the awful price of a son or daughter, mother or father, sister or brother.

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