Wednesday, July 06, 2005


*George W. Bush Poll number are up again. Above 50, for those who run their lives by them.
*Hillary Clinton fails again. Can’t get Olympics for New York despite her flaunted brilliance and political skills.
*Nancy Pelosi cheated on travel reports paid by lobbyists and re-filed reports late: ”don’t delay indict Pelosi.”
*Economy continues growth at nearly ideal pace of 3.8 per cent.
*June retail sales shoot up making things look great.
*Cranky fiberals continue to obfuscate with their “I Hate Bush” rants.
*If it’s not a hate crime to burn a Bible, why is it a hate crime to flush the Quran?
*New originalist-constructionist judge will be approved for the US Supreme Court before the start of the new session.
*Conservatives primed and ready for court battle with a huge war chest to fight the borking of the Bush nominee.
*Democrats/fiberals will pay a huge price for a supreme filibuster if they chose to put their head in that guillotine.
*Al Franken listed 37th on list of 100 people screwing up America. “ Frankly speaking” Franken isn’t that good. But he did screw the “Talkers Banquet.”
*Fiberal Democrat California lawmakers don’t care that illegals are costing the state 9 to 10 billion per year while their deficit in the state balloons costing taxpayers dearly.....Glad it’s their state and not mine.
*Love or Hate Rush Limbaugh: if you don’t want your own medical records on the front’d better pray the Florida court restricts their use.
*Men.....get circumcised to reduce contracting AIDS from infected women.
*The French take one in their Olympic shorts, while Chirac offends the British and Scandinavians as he does everybody, AGAIN. He’s just an offensive kind-a-guy.
*HOORAY for England, our stalwart ally in Iraq....they get the 2012 Olympics, Good for them...they’ll do a great job.
*Fiberals think any Bush nominee to the right of Ralph Neas is an extremist nominee so It doesn’t matter who he nominates. By definition, a Bush “nominee” is an extreme nominee.

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