Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Third time is even more fun. I’m again accepting the Washington Post’s Mensa Challenge of changing one letter in a word then redefining it to fit the new spelling. I’ve either added one letter, subtracted one letter or changed one letter. In one case I’ve just added a new definition of the word.

depunk: (n) dedude with tattoos and piercings who’s trying to date your daughter; (v) as in “to depunk” ridding your property of depunks trying to date your daughter.
depunking: (v) act of getting rid of dedudes with tatoos and piercings.
nutshell: redifinition (n) that which a baseball players wear to protect the “family” jewels.
assleep: (a) what happens to your butt when listening to fiberal bloggers on their podcasts ranting about how much they “Hate Bush and/or Rove.”
bloguing: (v) bloggers arguing back and forth on their blogs and comments.
wiberal: (n) whining liberal as in Senator Chuck Schumer D-NY
tiberal: (n) tipsy liberal, as in Ted Kennedy
hemocrat: (n) democrat with a serious case of hemorrhoids caused by having to sit through Bill Clinton’s endless speeches.

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