Thursday, July 21, 2005


“I have a four year-old and I do wonder what I will be faced with on the sexual front when she comes of age. But, like my parents before me, I will do my best and I will fail on some issues….like my parents before me.” Blogger LiberPaul posted on “”

DEAR LiberPaul,

I have four daughters and three sons. Big family. Among my children, valedictorians college and high school, awarding winning sculptor, successful business woman, awarding winning chef, two authors, American Soldier who defended American freedom in the middle east and helped give freedom to Afghanistan and Iraq, a scholarship winning college student and fashion model.

Having been through this experience four times, it is not just with what you’ll be faced, it’s with what you and she will be faced when she hits the pre-teen years and beyond.

Thanks to the efforts by you and other liberals, your daughter will be told sex is natural and expected by no later than 15, and specifically thanks to people like blogers TOS and StrikeZ, (“Sex is wrong when 12,13 and 14 year olds are having it.” quoting LiberPaul.)
She will be pressured by peers to be sexually active starting in about 8th grade.
She will be told oral sex isn’t sex, thanks to Bill Clinton.
She will be told sex is ok if you use a condom even though condom failure rate is about 10 to 12 per cent.
STD’s won’t happen to her, she’ll believe.
She will be told that anything she wants to do is OK because everybody else is doing it.
She will be told and believe that you as her parent, have no right to tell her what to do.
She will be told and believe that you have no right to invade her privacy, a concept reinforced by her peers.
At about 11 or 12 she will tell you to stay out of her room that you have no right to “go” through her room or things to look for drugs, condoms or the pill, even though you pay for it all, including everything she owns.
At 11-12 she will begin wearing clothing, thanks to the fashion industry today, that make her look like a slut or prostitute.
You will be told you have no right to tell her what to wear.
She’ll be able to get a life-threatening abortion without your notification or permission at 12 but won’t be able to get an aspirin for a headache at school without your permission.
You will be called “totally out of it” if you attempt to even tone down her outlandish dress.
If the current rate of degradation in dress continues, when she’s 14 she’ll be demanding to be able to go topless and maybe bottomless.
You will be called stupid, ignorant, controlling and that you have no right to tell her what to do.
You will worry if she’s beautiful.
You will worry if she isn’t.
You will worry about her feelings being hurt by unthinking adolescent boys saying stupid things.
You will worry about drugs and if they’ll kill her before she reaches 16.
She’ll want a car. Since you and Cranky say you’re well-heeled, you’ll be able to provide one for her.
You’ll worry every time you hear her start it.
You’ll worry about 16 and 17-year-old pierced and tattooed boys driving up to pick up your precious 14-year-old daughter when you know she’s barely past puberty. (That’s just 10 years from now)
You’ll have to decide if you’ll demand that the boys come in and face you before they can take you daughter’s life in their hands.
You’ll want to be part of her life but she’ll resist saying “you’re an old fuddy-duddy” and aren’t worth listening to.
If you’re lucky, your wife if she’s got any decency, will support you in providing standards for her to follow.
Unless, of course, you get a divorce, which is a 50-50 proposition these days.
In that event, all of these problems will be magnified 10-fold.
If you have guts or more importantly brains, you’ll enforced specific unyielding standards.
You’ll have to decide whether you’ll provide rules, curfews, restrictions on where she goes and what parties she attends.
You’ll have to carefully scrutinize friends and acquaintances about which she’ll complain.
Your opinions and concerns will have declining meaning to her.
Peer values will take precedence over yours.
You’ll remember the stupid, cruel and idiotic things you did as a teenaged boy and cringe, over and over and over.

In short, in today’s world, you’ll soon enter that special HELL of fathers who have teenaged daughters and vividly remember their own teenaged stupidity while having that declining influence in their daughter’s lives.

And finally, you’ll have to decide on which hills to fight your coming battles because they will be battles. With today’s moral climate being degraded daily by the forces of Hollywood, the left and the perversion of people like Kinsey, you have a big task. I’m glad mine is over. Yours started the day your daughter was born. Today’s moral climate was created by the left. Now you’ll have to face it, in all its perverted splendors.

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