Friday, July 08, 2005


Is it time to start considering all Muslims and Muslim mosques potential threats to America, Britain and all of democracy? Recorded sermons inside Mosques in the United States and across the world indicate that many imams are saying one thing outside the mosque and quite another inside, inciting anger and hatred among members against “infidels” and democracy.

Does the bombing that killed 50+ innocent civilians in London 7/7, make you pause when you get on an airplane and see a Mohammad Atta look-alike? Do you hesitate boarding a bus or train, as did the people in Spain, when you see some other Mohammad Atta look-a-like with a backpack in his hands. Are you reticent when a Mohammad Atta look- a-like pulls into a gas station driving a box truck into which you cannot see.

It is not surprising. It’s human nature. The terrorist-murderers are bombing innocent civilians propelling a “Jihad” against "infidels." How long will the patience hold? Citizens of France, Germany and the rest of the world, who’s peoples are not Islamic, are targets of Jihad too. It is a matter of when not if. It certainly appears that the Islamic World at large is complacently allowing their own graves to be dug by Radical Jihadists.

Is this the Islamic answer to the Crusades? The "Crusades" were wrong, of that there is no doubt. But Muslim radicals are making all Muslims targets of hate or mistrust or both. Only Muslims who refuse to allow hatred to be preached in their mosques, decry radical Muslim violence and actively work to catch terrorists can head off the mountain of loathing being generated by their fellow Islamic extremists.

The time is growing short and the answers are unclear but coalescing. Has World War IV already started?

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