Friday, January 27, 2006


Liberals Use Censorship To Stop Conservative Comments

Saying they didn’t like my personality and calling me offensive, the big liberal blog, Bring It On, has chosen to censor my comments off their blog. So I guess, they only want to “Bring It On” if you agree with them. If you read their posts, the number of conservative comments is miniscule and are discouraged by the liberal responses.

One would think that just to be able to argue their points they
would include a conservative or two.

Cranky Liberal to NewGnome in an email:

“I'm writing to advise you that your presence has been deemed offensive by the administration of the Bring It On! It is our judgement that you are in violation of our written policy therefore you are no longer welcome to participate on our property. Please consider this notice served.”

Offensive? Just a few examples taken from BIO:
...“Republitards”... The Bastard
...Laura Bush is a “murderer”... The Bastard
...what the “f**k is the Preznit”...The Bastard
...“f**k no...Jet
...wake them the f**k up!!!!...The Bastard me a dumbsh*t...PhiloTBG

BIO Policy #4 Comments/diaries that are abusive, offensive, contain profane or racist material or violate the terms of service for this blog’s host provider will be removed and the author(s) banned from future comments.

Isn’t it interesting that my personality is in question when their own contributors break their own policy and Cranky and Dr. Not-Forbush, fail to follow their own policy. Cranky regularly breaks his own rule #4.

Dr. Forbush in BIO’s mission statement writes: “....sometimes speaking out isn’t enough. And that’s when we say, ‘Bring It On.’”

If you’re going to use the name “Bring It On,” you’d better be ready live up to the name. Obviously, Dr. Forbush and those on BIO are not.

Here is a little informal count on the comments on BIO:
Jet 12 comments: 12-liberals 1-conservative commenting out of 11 liberals.
Dr. Forbush: comments: 29 comments 2 conservatives commenting out of 24 libs. The comments to the conservatives are frequently blatantly offensive.

This is mostly how the comments go on BIO. The other point is that the other contributors on the blog comment on each other’s posts. So again they’re talking to each other and the number of posts are significantly fewer than claimed. I estimate that nearly 50% of the commentors are BIO contributors, not separate liberals from off site. It substantially distorts the numbers they claim of 10-thousand comments.


Anonymous said...

Poor Little Cranky! He's so badly treated.
Of all the crazy things to call a website--Bring It On. It's hard to imagine that they can't even stand to reply to people with a different opinion. They're really tough.


Anonymous said...

Hear,hear NG. Sound familiar?

thc said...

How ironic (and typically liberal). Even the title of the blog is "Bring it On", but when you do they can't take it.