Thursday, January 26, 2006


Came across a new BIG “fiberal” blog calling itself “Bring It On” and challenging conservative writers to participate. Some of the posts are filled with profanity, typically vapid liberal logic, but mostly, it’s about hate. As a full-fledged sarcastic conservative, I posted on it.

One of the contributors was none-other than CrankyLiberal who quickly began censoring everything I wrote on his posts because he doesn’t like me or anything I write. So much for the big challenge...“BRING IT ON”...they couldn’t even bring it off, when someone actually disagreed with them.

I posted the following on "Bring it On".....on every contributor, but of course Cranky’s will immediately censored it off his BIO “composts” in less than 2 minutes

“Bring It On” is a terminal farce. You challenge conservatives and liberals to comment, then poor little wimpy Cranky Liberal gets his feelings hurt because he can’t handle a sarcastic conservative and doesn’t like my sarcastic opinions, so he “censors” all my comments off his personal posts.

So much for the big bad “Bring It On.” You can’t even bring it off. I’m sarcastic, but unlike “The Bastard” (self-identified) I didn’t call the first lady a “T**t and a murderer.” You want offensive, that’s offensive.

If BIO is going to challenge conservatives to participate, why allow Cranky to censor posts with which he may disagree, dislike or both. I suggest BIO change it's name to “Don’t Really Bring It On.”

They can’t handle it. NG


Anonymous said...

They can't handle the truth!
Wait till the WMD story comes out.How will they spin that one?

NewGnome said...

Quick, TOS, find something that will withstand a cat-5 spin job cause as you say...the spin on this one will make Katrina look like a piker....NG

PS. Started a new blog called "SarcasticConservative" that I put short quick comments about the news on. Also on