Monday, January 09, 2006


Writing on behalf of Cranky Liberals everywhere, I’m angry and I’m not going to take it any more.

Our Goal of kicking Tom Delay out of the Republican leadership has been achieved....but the Stock Market went to 11-thousand for the first time in 5 years: THIS IS RUINING MY DAY!

A paltry 100,000 Jobs were created in January but the revision shows 100,000 more jobs were created than originally thought for November for a total of 300,000 new jobs bringing the two month total to 400,000 -- just what economists predicted: I HATE IT!

Unemployment has dropped to 4.9 per cent, better than most months of the Clinton hot air bubble economy: SOMEBODY’S COOKING THE BOOKS.

Iraqis voted in numbers 40-per cent higher than Americans...and we aren’t threatened with death to vote: IT’S A RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY

The Downing Street Memo was a dud! WE’VE BEEN DUPED AGAIN!

Terrorist haven’t killed an American on our soil since BUSH started the war on Terror! THAT’S A CRIME!

The Valerie fiasco went down in PLAMES...Scotter Libby will skate and the New York Times and Time Magazine will pay the price: ROVE MADE US DO IT!

The national security leaks by the New York Times and Risen’s book could put Journalists in Jail for treason: I’M SEETHING WE WERE GOING FOR A BUSH IMPEACHMENT

Forty of 45 Democrat US senators, including minority leader Harry "the M.I.N.O" Reid, took money from Indian tribes at the direction of “Republican Lobbyist” Jack Abramoff: IT HAS TO BE A REPUBLICAN SCANDAL, IT’S NOT FAIR.

And thus it goes for the Democrats lead by the paragon, penultimate, paramount of judicial temperament--Howard Dean, the stumbling and bumbling Harry Reid along with the wild-eyed Nancy Pelosi.

With these examples of Democrat leadership, is it any wonder that even the ashtray throwing, vindictive screaming, expletives deleted spewing, cheating husband enabling and vengeance seeking Hillary is looking good.

Sorry all you “crankys” out there. Maybe you’ll get lucky and only lose two senate seats and 5 house seats in 2006.


Myron said...

Data from U.S. Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration @

United States mining fatalities in the last four years of the Clinton administration and the first four years of Bush's administration.

year 2004 - 54 fatalities
2003 - 56
2002 - 67
2001 - 72
Bush's administration
2000 - 85
1999 - 90
1998 - 87
1997 - 91
Clinton's administration

Liberals are trying to blame the Bush administration for the deaths of the 12 coal miners in West Virginia because they say Pres. Bush relax safety regulations but look at the numbers. Despite the fact that coal production is up in the mining industry now over 4 years ago (result of the boom in the energy sector) less people are dying.

I guess less regulation equal less deaths in mines.

NewGnome said...

Good post. Were we to follow the direction of the fiberals, we be scooping horse poop and fighting flies.