Thursday, February 02, 2006


Isn’t it interesting that CrankyLiberal has censored me off his blog and Cranky personally led the effort to censor me off another liberal blog called: Bring It On. As a sarcastic conservative, they didn’t like me. So liberals censored the conservative.

Now, liberals are going ballistic over a letter signed by all six Joint chiefs of staff critical of Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles. His political cartoon was a totally tasteless political cartoon depicting a quadruple amputee soldier in a hospital bed, with a “Dr. Rumsfeld” saying “I’m listing your condition as ‘battle hardened.’”

Ultra-liberal John Aravosis from is screaming “censorship.” His crybaby headline reads “Pentagon trying to censor top US political cartoonist.” The Joint Chiefs didn’t censor Toles, but criticized him for his profound lack of decency.

Meanwhile, Cranky and Bring It On have no compunction about censoring sarcastic conservative comments from me on their blogs. Such is the hypocritical world of the hate-screaming fiberal left.

Also interesting is that fiberals are afraid of Islamists and will censor whatever the Muslim radicals don’t like. Proving once again that Fibs both censor and are cowards.

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Anonymous said...

But NG,didn't you know that they are always right and we are always wrong? I figured that out a long time ago.
What's right for them is wrong for us. Hyprocisy at it's finest.
You can say anything you want against a Christian but never ever say anything against a Muslim. Beacuse they love them some Muslims.