Friday, January 13, 2006


Merkel’s Germany, France and American Democrats have claimed America has done everything wrong with Iraq.

So lets let the Frano/German axis of incompetence handle Iran and its nukes. We Americans can sit back and play armchair statesman telling them everything they’re doing wrong. They’ll fail to get adequate UN authority and have a totally inadequate plan. But before demanding that before we Americans or anyone else use our bombers, money and soldiers to do the job, let Fry/Germs save Iran from itself since if they don’t seem to like the Idiot Iranian Imams and their mass death wish.

Americans can critique the mess the A of I will undoubtedly make and we can shout their failure was that they didn’t get that final 527th UN resolution threatening “stern” action if Iran didn’t dismantle their nukes, as the last straw.

France’s wine is and was always grossly over-rated and German cars are losing to better competition.

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