Monday, December 05, 2005


Based on what Donks are saying:

§ The total capitulation of conservatives.
§ Admission that Bush provided faulty intelligence for the Iraq war.
§ Impeachment of Bush.
§ Total failure of our troops in Iraq and in the war on terror.
§ The emasculation of America.
§ Elimination of Christians and Jews.
§ The success of radical Muslims.
§ The complete dismantling of America’s armed forces.
§ The ascendency of the United Nations power over our national sovereignty.
§ Submission of American judicial jurisprudence to international courts.
§ Total control over our government in all branches.
§ Elimination of any and all dissent to their political policies.
§ And, every last dollar you make given with a smile and a thank you!

Now is that too much ask? Why are you conservatives getting so agitated?



Anonymous said...

Remember how Clinton diminished the military? "I loathe the Military" is what he said.
So we should have a weak military while other countries strengthen theirs. They may not come right out and say those things but it's obvious that's what they mean.

NewGnome said...

If it wouldn't kill all of us, it would be interesting for the Fibs to get exactly what they wanted. They would be killed by al Qaeda the second they opened their mouths. NG

Anonymous said...

Yep because of a weak administration that would cave into their demands.

Anonymous said...

Hey NG,
If you get a chance check out Cranky's Nov 29 post. I am having a good debate with them

NewGnome said...

I'll check it out. Cranky even sent me an email about the cannon picture. It's useless for me to try to post anything on CL because of his censorship. I'm as sarcastic as he is and he can't handle it. NG

Anonymous said...

I defended you against LV. Because I accused him of name calling and he said you were the worst name caller so I replied that you used to come on his site and give your opinions but then you got called names for doing so, so you are just giving it right back. I used to love your comments over there. Kept it interesting.

NewGnome said...

Tos, You're absolutely's hopeless.
LiberalVet is a perfect example of the ridiculousness of the fiberal
argument. He’s proud of his military experience
then argues that the military is rotten to the core torturing
people. I wonder how many he personally tortured.

LiberalVet demanded that I respond to comments by Andy Rooney, and
when I did making Rooney look loopy in the process, he suddenly
doesn’t have anything to say. I find it very funny that I’m censored
off Cranky and I still get quoted. I would disagree about one thing,
you certainly are not a sycophant of mine. You have your own
opinion and the Cranky Crew just can’t handle it. Don’t you find it
interesting that they call 25 to 1 an even discussion. It’s so typically fiberal.

Fiberals are herdists...they must
be in a herd and accept the given truth of the herd or be rejected. They define
themselves by the herd. Conservatives are individualists and do not
accept the dictates of the herd. It’s an insurmountable dichotomy.

The Patriot Act argument is specious in the extreme.
DEMOCRAT Woodrow Wilson proposed, had passed and signed
the sedition act and immediately jailed American citizens without trial
prior and during World War I.

DEMOCRAT Franklin Delano Roosevelt put innocent American citizens
in internment camps and took their property which was never fully recovered.

DEMOCRAT Harry Truman dropped two atom bombs on Japan and
got us into the Korean War.

DEMOCRAT John Fitzgerald Kennedy got use into Vietnam.

DEMOCRAT Lyndon Baines Johnson expanded the war based
on the false Bay of Tonkin resolution passed by his Democrats.

DEMOCRAT Bill Clinton got us, without UN sanction, into the Bosnia/
Herzegovina war and we’re still there and it’s worse than ever.

DEMOCRAT Bill Clinton bombed non-existent nuclear weapons plants
in Iraq because of the fear of WMD’s and then claimed he destroyed
them all even if they didn’t exist.

Your friends on CrankyLiberal must aggressively ignore history
to be able to draw their idiotic conclusions. If they didn’t they couldn’t
say what they say.

So again, you’re right, Cranky, Paul and his crew are hopeless hypocrites.

Cranky on one of his posts says he can’t vote Hillary Clinton. If she’s
nominated by the Democrats, just wait until he starts promoting
her with gusto. He’ll conveniently forget his promise not to vote for her.
He’ll find any excuse because he is not a fundamentally honest person.

NewGnome said...

TOS, Thanks for the compliment. LV can't tell the difference between a disagreement on issues and name calling. He likes to start it but can't finsih. NG

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I was going to post that he will be voting Hillary anyway but didn't make that point there. Only because of her name and nothing else.

NewGnome said...

He wrote me and said he's removing my post immediately. He's just an afraid little boy. It's easier to censor than to answer.

He'll vote for Hillary when the time comes. He'll follow the herd, he can't help it. But, I'm still not convinced she'll get the nomination. There are cracks in her support already.