Monday, December 12, 2005


So, the truth is that it was Black Racism by the likes of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin that was revealed by the deaths statistics caused by Katrina. The population of New Orleans in general was 67 per cent Black but the death toll wasn’t equal: blacks to whites.

Only 48 percent of the deaths caused by Katrina were black, while 41 per cent were white.

BLACK “racism” was from the black mayor who failed to treat all peoples equally and the white race suffered the worst.

At the same time the perpetual complainers were in front of Congress blaming everybody but themselves. What is their responsibility for having refused to leave the city when given the chance?

Thanks: NewsMax and the Louisiana state official figures to date.


Anonymous said...

Yes I heard those statitics. Amazing isn't it?
Did you that lady carrying on about how she was treated like she was in a concentration camp? I wonder who coached her on that one.
I'm glad our donations went to unappreciative people.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I heard the testimony. It really is sad the lack of appreciation. It sure makes you want to reduce your giving. She sure sounded coached. NG

Anonymous said...

Your donations were well appreciated. Unfortunately there are more than a few bad apples here in New Orleans. These people have been an embarrassment to the rest of us. However, don't lump us all in the same category.
I'm back at work here in N.O. while my wife and 2 boys are still freezing in Ohio. I, very hesitant to bring them back.
My business is having trouble getting workers because many won't come back as long as FEMA continues to support them. Most people here are stressed out, overworked, & deppressed. One of the few things that make people smile is when they can share how well they were treated during their evacuation in other regions of the country.

Anonymous said...

I didn't want to seem like I lumped everyone together. I can't imagine what is like to lose everything and I wish Anon all the best in rebuilding their lives.

NewGnome said...

I appreciate your problems in getting your workers back but even more your family. I've been in New Orleans several times. On one occasion I was given a room at the Royale, Bourbon St. side....Big mistake. I got about two hours sleep that night because of the noise. Had to be up at 6.

Isn't America Great! Our state like other states quickly took people in and many now have new lives. I realized that doesn't help you but I pray for your success. It's going to be a difficult process to re-establish the city under the circumstances. NG

NewGnome said...

TOS, It didn't sound to me like you were lumping everyone, but the thought of losing everything that has meaning in your life is difficult...then to have almost nothing to go back to makes it seem impossible.

Spoke with a friend there, and she said the extent of the devastation well beyond N.O. is unimaginable

Chris Laurel said...

It's important to note quickly what's happening here with these death statistics from Louisiana. The supporters of the opportunistic Sophists in the government are going to use these, and you need to know how. Read this post, then read this. Then look how it is further practiced. Now to these death statistics:

There were several issues raised in the wake of Hurricane Katrina that related to the black community:

1. Hurricane Katrina exposed the dire national problem of the black community's poverty, which has not been addressed successfully. This has been exposed to the world, and our national integrity and the ability to lead is on the line.

2. Most of the people who WANTED to leave but COULDN'T leave were blacks with no money and no cars. It is reasonable to assume many whites, who control the wealth in Louisiana, stayed behind to protect property and homes. Blacks had little property to protect. I'm not saying this is the explanation, but it is worth consideration.

Examining the races of the dead is important but you would be foolish to draw conclusions at this stage. First, the race of the dead doesn't fully address either of these two issues above. Opponents are trying to smack the race question down, once again. Come on! Let's fix this! Educate yourself - explore my blog.

Second, who are these dead? What was their motive for staying, or were they unable to leave? We know their names, so we can study who they are. But "crowing" about the racial make-up of the dead to justify previously held notions only hurts yourself, if you have any thought for knowledge and not much for ideology.

When I lived in Europe friends would ask me where in the United States they should visit. I was asked so often I came up with a standard reply:

First, you should go to New York City. New York is the American branch of the world. Arguably, it's the capital of the world: Everyone is welcome in New York, even Iranians and Syrians who work for their governments. Even Castro. America doesn't get to play its petty hypocritical politics here. It's interesting to see what Americans do with their branch, just like it's interesting to see how the Japanese spin the world in Tokyo, the Australians with Sydney, the French with Paris, the English with London, etc. They are national takes on the same city.

Second, go to New Orleans. I spent over a month there in college. I was so stressed over grades one semester I almost ran away to live in a friend's place on St. Charles (now it's gone). They have Mardi Gras, voodoo, hoodoo, jazz, a vibrant black culture, above-ground cemetaries, swamps, people who speak French all over the place, a unique newspaper name, and Louisiana has this crazy government system that produces outrageous politicians. You won't find a more colorfulpeople and everyone's friendly though the whites can be deathly racist. They have drive-through margaritas! But you have to be careful because next to complete oppulence you have abject poverty, like the time I went jogging through the Garden District and crossed Magazine Street with a New York Times. I decided to walk to the newly redeveloped "Riverwalk." I wasn't paying attention in my jogging outfit reading the paper. Suddenly I looked up and spray painted all over the houses were things like "R.I.P. Bump" and "I Will Miss You Always Charles." This wasn't the Garden District. I decided to get to the Riverwalk so I quickened my pace. But there was no waterfront, there was a wharf. The Riverwalk didn't extend this far. A few crack whores. I was nervous, son. I started walking down the street and a patrol car came driving down the wharf and stopped me. He asked what I was doing there. I said nothing, that I was just reading and walking, and that I was a little lost. He said that unless I wanted to be robbed, raped or dead, that I should get in his patrol car and he can take me home. So stay in the areas the hotel clears, because there is no zoning; it's all checkerboard with good and bad neighborhoods, and the police are corrupt and agressive in trying to keep the people under control. But still, see New Orleans

Third, go to San Francisco. And then if you see anything else in the United States, well, good for you.

NewGnome said...

CL: your comment reads like it was prepared to post on conservative blogs by the Democrat National committee talking point operatives, ignoring many factors you don't address, repeating fiberal talking points that are so twisted they're useless.

America cannot buy it's way out of poverty. The Democrat black mayor and Democrat black council, black sheriff, and majority of black officials were and are corrupt and the major problems exposed by Katrina was the corruption and ineptitude of Democrats, with the worst being the Governor. Look in your own back yard.

To you fiberals, it's always the race card. Always someone else's fault. Never the actions of black or Democrat officials. I don't have to explore your blog to know the falseness of your comment. You won't be back, the only reason you posted is to get others to look at your biased blog. Take a hike. NG

Anonymous said...

That guy is so ridiculous. It's so obvious what he is trying to say here and so typical. The reason there is poverty in any state is because of local and corrupt government. Like poverty is something new. What is it he would have us do? People is poverty have more access to govenment healthcare and grants for higher education. The resources are there but some choose continue receiving the handouts. You can't make someone do what they don't want to do. This is the land of opportunity and it's there for the taking. They prefer a "hand out" rather than a "hand up"