Friday, December 16, 2005


For those of you who don’t know, there’s a Wake going on for FIBERALS whose corpses are now lying in state at the Washington, DC landfill.

For those fiberals already dead they’re rolling over in their moldy graves. Why? Well lets consider the current situation.

The BUSH economy is in fantastic shape, much better that when the liar in chief -- Clinton was president.

Jobs are at nearly full-employment while unemployment is lower than several years of the Clinton administration. It’s not a “bubble” economy like Clinton’s.

Iraq’s vote yesterday was a great victory for George W. Bush and a stunning defeat for John Murtha, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Sean Penn, Barbra Streisand, George Soros, and the other crankyliberal types.

Liberalism is a failure: it’s dead, finis, muerta, kaput, a terminal loser.

Democrats have no plan for anything and have even delayed their “solution” for Iraq even as Iraq heads into democracy with excitement and expectation. Once again, the Democrat plan is too little too late.

Democrats are losers, losers and more losers. Their corpses are rotting in landfills all over American.

In lieu of flowers for the Wake, please give donations to the “Last Fiberal Democrat” memorial fund to erect a monument on Alcatraz Island cell block #3 and heart of liberalism as a perpetual reminder for Nancy Pelosi, the wild-eyed radical Democrat leader and the rest of the left coast.

The monument entitled “Doom and Gloom Forever” features a fiberal forever held by the chains of hate, the chains of fear, the chains of lies, the chains of deceit and the chains of perpetual self-doubt. The slogan on the monument will read: “Liberalism: success is not an option” and is large enough to be seen in from Haight-Ashbury....!

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Anonymous said...

haha! Let's add to that:
Eternity has zero tolerance for "Monday morning quarterbacking."