Saturday, December 24, 2005


Can you believe it? Al Dietemann water conservation lead for Seattle Public Utilities is imposing sanctions against manufactures of water-guzzling shower heads from the factory with too high a water flow.

And you thought only national Democrats wanted to take your personal freedoms in great gobs...local officials are stealing freedoms faster than the national fibs.

Did you even know there is a federal "maximum water flow rate requirement" standard. Of course, the way around it is to drill slightly larger holes in the shower heads, after you buy it. But watch carefully, the water flow police are approaching your door as I write this, followed immediately by the toilet flush police, who are just preceding the trash-disposal-amount-police who are armed with reports that you've exceeded your trash allotment maximum.

You should be arrested, I don't know for what, but somewhere, some how you are breaking the law.



Myron said...

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

"Breaking the Law". I'd better not post here anymore because I am being monitored and I know that any day now the republican police will be breaking down my door and putting be in Gitmo without due process along with all the other prisoners who's civil liberties were taken from them.

I guess getting IRS audits for politcal enemies is legal or planting a bug in someone's home without a warrant isn't breaking the law either unless of course your name is B.J.Clinton.
Just ask Aldrich Ames.

NewGnome said...

See, TOS, just for thinking that you can be arrested, at least by the Clintonistas. NG PS. Yes you're being monitored by me and I tell you every time.