Saturday, December 24, 2005


Hollywood is crying the blues because people don’t want to see what they’re making. WHAT’S THE BIG SURPRISE? Hollywood fiberals are the biggest bunch of preachy crybabies you can find. They just happen to preach, hate, division and a-morality. They like to “push the envelope” and when they do real people just say, return to sender.

Just consider:

Brokeback Mountain; If you’re a heterosexual male why do you really want to go watch a pair of homosexuals do something you find creepy?

Munich: Spielberg is so politically correct he tried to make a movie of a totally political tragedy rewriting history into something A-political. Why would you want to subject yourself to something so obviously dishonest?

King Kong: Here you watch a weasel Hollywood type destroy the unsuspecting hero in a pathos that’s nothing short of repulsive and you know that the producer spent $300 million dollars doing it. It’s simply beyond avarice.

Syriana and Good Night, and Good Luck: The Reverend George Looney Clooney makes two movies that are so terminally preachy, they’re nothing more than pulpit sermons for the fiberal Left.

And then there is the whole story of “TOM CRUISE.” What a terminal joke he has become.

And this is a really short list. I can get my sermons on Sunday, I don’t need the preachy left telling me what I should believe and how to think. They wonder why they’re losing audience. Hollywood-TV is even worse. One out of three lines in most shows on television are nothing more than fiberals preaching their opinions against Christians, Republicans, Conservatives, Morals, Discipline and America.

What do Hollywood fiberals think when they trash all our believes and values and then demand we pay exorbitant prices for the trashing. Well, just keep making your movies for the “gays and Lesians”, the hard left haters, the we Hate America/Bush crowd and the a-moral perverts and you’ll keep losing money....may the Hollywood money trend losing continue! Hit em in the’s where they keep their hearts and brains.


Myron said...

Merry Christmas

NewGnome said...

Happy New Year! NG

Anonymous said...

All the same reasons I refuse to see alot of these movies. They must be in cahoots with the Liberal Media and College professors.

My New Years wish to them is keep up the "good work"

NewGnome said...

Thanks, will do. I'm still pushing for you to get you're own blog and fry the Fibs on a daily basis. NG

Anonymous said...

I know. I always have that on my mind.