Monday, December 05, 2005


It’s ok to trash America’s soldiers accusing them of torture and brutal tactics to unseat Saddam Hussein who murdered, tortured and killed on a Maoist scale.

When am I going to hear Fiberal-leftists denounce terrorists in Iraq killing thousands of innocent civilians, including innocent women and children.

It’s becoming obvious that Democrats are unpatriotic-anti-American hate mongers. And the Democratic leadership is no different. They justify the murder of innocents by Islamic terrorists just as they are defending the murder carried out by Saddam.

Yes, these so-called Americans, are unpatriotic anti-Americans. They are the worst liars this country has ever seen.



Anonymous said...

They denounce torture but the think of torture as brutality. It's okay to murder innocent people and behead them and use electric probes on their private parts but it's not okay to use coersion methods that are FDA approved.

NewGnome said...

TOS It's interesting to me that John McCain denounces torture by saying that it doesn't get correct intelligence, but he himself, admitted that it worked on him.
If it's their family members who are under threat of a ticking time bomb, what would fiberals really do? Watch the explosion?