Friday, December 30, 2005


During the Valerie Plame “leak” the New York Times,
ACLU, Los Angeles Times, NBC, CBS and ABC demanded an independent prosecutor to investigate -- a virtual cacophony of demands for investigation of the leak. The media were drooling over the thought that they could get Karl Rove....turns out that the investigator, Patrick Fitzgerald, found NO crime, but Scooter lied about a crime that didn’t happen.

Now the tables have been turned on the NYT and media because they were the recipients of a leak about the wiretapping phone calls of potential American terrorists talking to terrorists overseas. An obvious national security issue for which President Bush is responsible. The ACLU, NYT, LAT, NBC, CBS and ABC not to mention most of the mainstream media, are now crying foul because the likely leaker is probably a leftist mole in the Administration or CIA and suddenly an investigation into a leak is wrong.

Whatever happened to “lose lips sink ships” when it comes to the safety of American citizens. Have the Media’s leaks caused the deaths of Americans or will they, because they have made it more difficult to protect our citizens. It’s a new war. Now America’s major media are on the side of the enemies of the US and will help the terrorist anyway they can.

QUICK, you’d better leave your computer IMMEDIATELY!.....I’m getting so sick of the double standard that is a major tenant of the lefty fiberal media, I’m ready to hurl all over the screen and I wouldn’t want get any on you.


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