Friday, December 02, 2005


Would you environmentalists make up your mind collective minds (if you have any)....PLLLEEEAAASSEEE!

Consider two recently published studies:

#1 The European Environment Agency claims (Nov. 29) that Europe is currently facing the “worst” warming in 5,000 years with Europe expected to warm up by one degree because of man-made green house gases.

#2 The “New Scientist” reports (Nov. 30) their study indicates in a headline that failing ocean currents raise fears that Europe is heading for a mini-ice age.

Meanwhile, Swiss researchers in the journal Quaternary Science Reviews (November 2005) report that human impact on the earth's climate is too small to measure.

Ya know, I’m getting really tired of the assumptions that all scientists are in 100 per cent agreement that all global warming is caused by man. It isn’t that it’s just a lie, it is a really stupid assumption that cannot be proved by science! But of course, scientific consensus (when you can find it) is scientific fact, in the alleged minds of environmentalists. Just ask CrankyLiberal.

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    Anonymous said...

    I can see certain guidelines but what is happening is the extreme that it will make it almost impossible for us to compete with all the added taxes and restrictions. But they will say it's only because of healthcare,which is costly to companies but it's not all about the healthcare all the time. And they will also have you believe that the answer is universal healthcare. The problem with that is that there are too many people that take advantage of Government handouts now that if we have universal healthcare it will be alot more costly to working people because there are too many people in this country already straining our healthcare system and school system.