Friday, May 27, 2005


I have decided to identify today’s “girls” who walk around with short blouses and low cut jeans as “Donuts.” Why, because they all look like they have a donut of fat wrapped around their hips.

Some have really big donuts and some not so big...but they do all really look like a roll of fat. In some cases, it can be an ugly sight to behold. In addition, the pants usually look kind of dirty and one is never sure from what.

I don’t like to see the style, if you can call it that, in restaurants because it look so unsanitary. The less than svelte versions must have no shame or apparently don’t look in the mirror carefully especially from the back.

I have four daughters, who would have hogtie their Dad to be seen in what has got to the definition of "Hooker Chic." So if you parents want to allow your daughters to go out looking like you should be giving quotes for an hour of their time in a motel room, I don’t have much respect for your judgement.

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