Thursday, May 26, 2005


I read that Barbara Boxer is suggesting that John Bolton’s senate vote for US Ambassador to the UN be delayed yet again. The Democrats delayed the vote in Pricilla Owen’s judicial nomination for four years. Why don’t we just stop the world while the Democrats completely gut the next 3 ½ years of the Bush Administration.

Then we could have the R.I.N.O., linguini spined, Neville loving, crumble-king seven who all think they’re really the voices of true moderation just shut down the whole congress.

I voted for Bush and these turncoats just flushed the Republican victory down the toilet. Lets list their names and burn their traitorous actions into our memories....JOHN WARNER, GEORGE VOINOVICH, SUSAN COLLINS, LINCOLN CHAFEE, MIKE De WINE, LINDSEY GRAHAM, and the worst of them all JOHN McCAIN.

Let us never forget these seven Republicans when election payback time comes.

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