Sunday, May 22, 2005


You won't read it in the mainstream media, but 450 top economists support Social Security reform. Personally I could care less I'm too old anyway. For you under 50 look out. When Social Security money runs out and is bankrupted, (remember all that money you thought was in a lock box because Al Gore said it was there) you will have nothing.
Worse, you'll have to work longer, retire at an older age, get fewer benefits, and if you've been financially successful, you will have paid more into the system and the more successful you are the less you will get back. Isn't government great.
But what do economists know anyway. All I know is that my sister-in-law died before she was 63 and my brother died when he was 64. All the money they both paid into the Social Security system was confiscated by the federal government. Their children got zero, zilch, nada!!!
So much for government protecting our retirement money. Had that money been in a private account, my nieces would have received a substantial amount. As it was, Uncle Sam got every penny. That is the very definition of unfair

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