Wednesday, May 25, 2005


American/Euro anti-Iraq peace-nick war apologists, who would be excusing Nazi concentrations camps to avoid entry into World War II at any cost, have remained strangely silent about the fact that most insurgents now murdering Iraqis are foreigners. No longer, are the “Muslim-killing-Muslim” fanatics primarily left over Saddam Baathists.

Why do these Neville devotes` remain silent against what is obviously an invasion of Iraq aimed at the selective murdering Shiite Iraqis. They complained that American’s preemptive strike was an invasion. But because apparently they find it acceptable for foreign Muslims to kill Iraqi Muslims, what the hey, it’s just Muslims killing Muslims, no big deal, right American/Euro peace-nicks? Just Like Rwanda....just black killing harm no foul, no action necessary.

Just as they would be excusing Nazis of gassing Jews and others in concentration camps would have been none of America’s business this invasion is none of our business. Remember to today’s peace-nicks ALL war is bad. To quote Rand E Oertle’s Peace or Freedom essay on his “Peace without freedom is a euphemism for slavery.” I would add that American/Euro peace-nicks are enforcing slavery to radical Islam by suicide bomber instead of gas chambers.

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