Monday, May 23, 2005


The US Supreme court today agreed to hear a case involving the notification of parents when a minor child is pregnant and seeking an abortion.

What is so utterly immoral in this mind set of liberals is that you can’t tell parents their child is about to have a life threatening medical procedure but a school must get permission from a parent to give a child an aspirin.

There are two truths that make this stance utterly asinine. The first is that liberal abortion advocates assume every parent is so violent and would cause such a threat to their own child, it would be dangerous to notified them if their child is to undergoing a life threatening procedure, and this even when young women die each year in so-called “safe” Planned Parenthood clinics getting abortions.

The second is that if Planned Parenthood procedures do kill your child, you are still responsible for the medical costs when even when you were not allowed any say in the decision as to whether the procedure was medically safe for your child.

In Salt Lake City, a young woman (underaged) ran away from home. The parents searched for her but have so far been unable to find her. Then a few weeks ago they received a bill from a local hospital saying their daughter had an emergency procedure and the parents were financially responsibility. The hospital will sue the parents if they do not pay.

In yet another liberal mind-blowing demonstration of the liberal mind-bend, the hospital won’t tell the parents what the procedure was or where the child can be contacted, even to find out whether she is alright. They still have to pay the bill without knowing if their daughter is safe or needs more help.

If you stupid liberals out there want to know why conservatives are so angry with your positions on social issues this is a perfect example.

Let’s hope that the Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s of the world will quit lumping all parents into the criminal class when it comes to their own children and return the right to help make life threatening medical decisions for their own children.

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