Saturday, May 28, 2005


Former Democrat Presidential candidate John Kerry D-MA says he has signed and turned over to the Navy his SF 180 form authorizing the release of his military record to the public. I won’t believe that until ALL and I mean ALL of his records have been made public, which I doubt will every happen. Everything following “United States Navy Form SF 180" will, I'm sure, be fully redacted. I’ll even bet the lines “between the lines” have been redacted.

Kerry promised Tim Russert 110 days ago, January 30 that he would sign and submit SF 180 but didn’t until now, mAybe. Democrats had a field day with Bush's record even finding “false documents” to attack him. Bush signed his 180 form years ago. Despite repeated demands all during the 2004 Presidential campaign (not by the mainstream media I remind you) that Kerry allow an examination of his military records, he dodged ducked and diddled. He ultimately simply refused to approve the release of his records other than those selective few listed on his Internet site.

The much easier questions to answer is: Why?’s taken him this long to find a mole in the Navy records department sympathetic enough to deep six any information critical of his performance or actions. In other words, don’t look for the truth in any of the records the Navy releases.

President Bush won’t be of any help either. He and his cronies will pull the same stunts they always pull, such as they did at the David Rosen trial (withholding a critical audio tape evidence from the jury.) Or their stifling of a thorough examination of Bill and Hillary’s theft of White House furniture when they left (not to mention the pardongate scandal) and stopping cold a complete investigation of Clinton’s staffers who damaged and trashed the White House and Air Force One. What kind of zoo are they running up there anyway?


Howard said...

How could you be so hard on Kerry? After all he was in Viet Nam (somewhere) And he was wounded(somewhere). Now if that sounds a little vague, You should have listend to some of his campaign speeches!!!!

NewGnome said...

Howard, I promise you I tried to listen to his campaign speeches, but I could thurl only so many times per speech.