Sunday, June 03, 2007


I can't take it any more...I'm going to get on my sailing ship and leave. Hillary is proposing a complete socialization of America. Half of the American people would rather spend $5 per gallon than use the natural resources we have already. I don't live in John Edwards world, darn it! Bush went off the deep end and is turning America to Mexico North with all it's corruption, and I can't speak Spanish, the new official language of America. Global warming is causing an outbreak of toe fungus that is taking over America. Joe Wilson is criticized for lying to a Democrat committee and they actually censured him. Terrorists were planing to blow up JFK Airport and the Bush Administration is criticized for tapping the phones of these killers. Oh what is America coming to....I haven't got a clue.

But there is one truth. Fiberals aren't stupid...they're totally and completely insane.



Anonymous said...

Hey there you are. Hillary sure is a scary individual. I think she forgot what this country was founded on. Life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness-individual happiness! Socialism has never worked in any society. The Uk is slowly pulling away from it and here she wants to first embrace it.
Who is she speaking to anyway? Definately no one I know.

NewGnome said...

It truely is amazing that Hillary is proposing socialism, and no one is even mentioning it. And more than just the UK is having second thoughts, France and Scandinavian countries too are having second thoughts. This just as America is in a daze wondering around aimlessly.
Things have been busy and will get busier, so I'll be sporatic for a while. Always enjoy your comments though.