Thursday, June 21, 2007


MSNBC attempted to write a “fair” piece about political financial contributions of reporters, editors and journalists to the left or the right. Typical of MSNBC, they qualified their statement by saying that a 9 to 1 ratio meant that newsrooms across the country lean to the left.

How in heaven’s name can you call a 90% ratio in favor of the leftist point of view merely leaning? It is in fact a total vindication of the accusation that news media members are so totally biased to the left they are incapable of judging what is unbiased.

The claim in the article is that the reporters do not allow their opinions to influence their writing. That’s impossible because any person writes based on their own subliminal view of the world, thus Americans are leaving the leftist mainstream media in droves because they see the “writing on the paper” and it’s very slanted, subtle though it may sometimes be.

Ninety per cent of the editors are leftists who evaluate the writings of leftist reporters. Just what do you expect their evaluations to be....fair. No!! They too view the fundamental values in the same slanted way as the reporter and read the “fair” version of any story the same way.

Of course, MSNBC attempts to claim their’s is only a small sampling of the more than 100,000 reporters at media organizations, but I doubt that it would change by more than one or two percent if all were polled.

Here is a perfect example of how liberal biases at MSNBC are used by liberal editors on the very article discussing biases and how it claims that biases can be kept out of the reporting.

Subtitle: Politicking allowed at Fox and Forbes, banned at ABC and New York Times

It is common news fodder that Fox and Forbes are considered conservative editorially and that ABC and the New York Times are considered liberal.

But note how the title makes it appear that the conservatives organizations allow politicking while the liberal media “ban” politicking. If ever a news media organization encourages political opinion in news stories, by selection of subject, cause and spiking, it’s the New York Times. By the way, the NYT is paying a huge financial price and it only going to get worse. I predict that within 5 year the NYT will be half the paper it is today if it continues on it’s liberal road. People see it, and are voting with their feet, mouse and wallet.

The liberal mainstream media bombard us daily about diversity in race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. So how about some DIVERSITY of political thought in the NEWSROOM? But a liberal editor will naturally lean to the job applicant that most obviously mirrors his own inherent opinions. It’s an insidious cycle. One thing liberals cannot tolerate is diversity of political thought in the newsroom...never mind the editorial page, because Americans easily discern the difference. Mainstream newsrooms must, at all costs, maintain a one-sided all-out bend to the left to keep control by fiat, since they can’t maintain their power by strength of argument.



Anonymous said...

Amazing how they deny liberal bias in the media. I love(loathe) the arguement that conservatives own the big media corporations so therefore they all lean right.Now where is this displayed? Maybe it's me but I have yet to see a conservative headline....anywhere.
Of course we all know there are no liberals with money.

NewGnome said...

I really think, TOS, that the big media are so liberal that they no long can discern what bias is, especially their own. You headline comment is a perfect illustration of that. NG