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The following is one part of a series of exchanges between NG and a blogger on BringItOn. I don't do posts on BIO very often, but it's fun to occassionallly comment because mostly all you get are sycophants spouting typical BIO tripe: "it's such a wonderful post. I'm a greeny and I just love everything you write. And I agree with everything you say." It's enough to gag a magot...! Issues discussed: forcing companies to go green, wind power, single pay health care, our booming economy, tax increases and of course the new Democrat Culture of Corruption, now hidden behind closed doors.

Forcing companies to go GREEN: All actions have unforeseen consequences. It’s the nature of life and reality. Ford has made some unbelievably dumb moves, and Bill Ford and the family have been at the center of them. He’s tried to go green and it’s cost Ford plenty. But as I said, it’s the contracted union health care costs for retires that will doom them. If the Union accepts their one-time fee proposal, it could save the company. Let the unions deal with the problem they created.

Windmills for power generation are visual pollution: TRPA, the regulatory agency for Lake Tahoe, eliminated flights of hot air balloon flights over the lake with the justification they were visual pollution and they were a lot better looking than windmills. In addition to that, PETA is complaining because windmills kill birds. You guys are going to have to get your priorities you want ugly windmills that generate power and destroy the view and kills birds, or not?And I disagree that there is any space in the world where windmills would not offend someone...even the left’s precious Kennedy Clan sued to stop wind mills.....typical hypocritical NIMBYs. We want green power, but not if we have to see it.

Pollution is killing everybody: Ya know, I read your “exact correlation” regarding pollution and my jaw drops to my knees. But I know, that you as a liberal are required to say that it affects kids. Quoted right out of the Democrat permanent talking points. I’m just surprised that you didn’t include women. “World Ends Tomorrow, Women and Children Hardest Hit.” It's such a cliche it’s almost not worth answering. “Some” pollutants....I love the caveat. Children get sick from pollution but so do adults. I read an interesting story today about Chernobyl. The animals and the forests are taking over the area...and your leftist scientists claimed it would be a wasteland. UN scientists predicted 4000 deaths as a result of there have been 60 (50 were those who went into the site directly). Of course it’s not perfect but the flora and fauna are doing much better than predicted. Which once again proves that scientists don’t really know half of what they’re absolutely sure of.

Democrat Spenders and the NEW Culture of Corruption: Please, I don’t know how old you are but you must have forgotten that the Democrats were in power for 40 years racking up huge deficits and not a peep from liberals. Now that it’s a Republican administration, suddenly the deficit is bad. PLLEEEAASSE!!!. So you think that China, would attempt to crash our economy. That’s an interesting question...they do have lots of our debt. But if they crash our economy, they’d crash their own because we are their biggest customer by a mile. It’s like a doctor killing his patients. They may be sick, but that sickness is paying his bills. I don’t like the deficit, but again if the green stupidity of trying to stop America from becoming energy independent would just end, it would be cut in half instantly. And isn’t it interesting that Democrats campaigned on cussing out Republicans for earmarks and corruption (and the Republicans deserved to lose on those issues alone) but now the Democrats are not only ramping up earmarks, they’re hiding them by allowing them to be inserted into bills behind closed doors. You got just what you got rid of the “Culture of Corruption” that was out in the open, but now you have a “Culture of Corruption that’s hidden behind closed doors that we can’t even see or control. Is that really what you Democrats wanted or expected? Same ol’ Same ol’!!! Does Reid, Jefferson, Feinstein, and Murtha mean anything to you? They are the definition of corruption.

Re: tax increase. Another tax on the rich. The top 1 per cent of income earners pay 35% of all taxes. The bottom 50% pay 4% of all the taxes. I used to think Democrats were just stupid doing everything they could to kill the golden goose, but now I really think that it is a total case of class bigotry, class envy and an all-consuming covetous greed. Obviously, you and I are on different planets on the economy. Reagan’s economy was one of the longest running economic booms in history. It took GWalkerB to kill it by caving into lying Democrats (who promised to cut spending but didn’t) to raise taxes. I don’t think liberals will ever understand economics. Bill Clinton’s economy would have tanked if the Republicans hadn’t taken over the house two years after his election and provided him with some sound budgeting, and Clinton caving on nearly every economic issue. One problem: the convicted liar Clinton's economy was a bubble or liar’s economy. WARNING! WARNING! The AMT is coming for you middle-income money.

Bush economy better than Clinton: I don’t know what you’re economy you’re looking at, but today’s economy is now officially better than Clinton’s with the longest running continuing increase since the 1950's. You said that you had grandchildren and were a psychotherapist (if I remember correctly). If that’s true, undoubtedly your retirement account has stocks. You’d better pray they grow, because Social Security won’t be around to provide much in your future. The Democrats started spending your future 50 years it’s gone...and all there is are a bunch of IOU’s. You can’t eat IOUs. A running a household budget like this administration, is just what the Democrats did for 50 years. I will agree that Republicans over spent and got no help from Bush. Of course, Clinton didn’t have 911, Katrina, Rita, Afghanistan, Iraq, al Qaeda and the war on terror...all he had to fight was a blue dress and a pair of thong panties....go Bill... oral sex isn’t really sex, and is isn’t is!

I would suggest, as a friend, that if the Democrats win the White House, move your stocks to bonds. Fiberals will take us into recession as sure as Reagan brought us out of the worst economy of the century, thanks to that towering intellect, Jimmy Carter.


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It's a scary thought and they have stupid Americans brainwashed into thinking they are the country's saviors.