Saturday, June 09, 2007


I can see the headlines on fiberal women’s blogs now...HILLARY IS GOING TO WIN, BECAUSE A FILLY WON THE BELMONT. I think Hillary is showing just what kind of “take no prisoners” politician she is....she’s eating her own... Democrats who have the stupidity to run against her.

If I were Obama, I’d arrange for food testers, rubber gloves and baked mail. Hillary is bringing in the big gun, so to speak...Bill, if she can get him to keep his pants up. It’s hard to run with your pants around your ankles. More than one criminal has been caught when his low rider pants tripped him up.

Obama’s becoming a real challenge because he’s raising money as fast as Hillary. This is great, Democrats spending money on losers.

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Anonymous said...

She'll have to start a scandal. She already released the fact that he used to be a Muslim. But she gets to hide from it because she's untouchable.