Wednesday, June 13, 2007


You might be surprised at the numbers....!

How many military deaths were there during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, which included two wars, although Clinton refused to accept that there was a terrorist war that had been declared against America. Clinton was in a state of denial and ignored the terrorist war despite 6 major terrorist attacks against American targets. The Clinton’s second war continues today even though Clinton promised to have American soldiers out of Kosovo/Bosnia in one year. There was not exit plan so we still haven’t exited.

George W. Bush’s administration was faced with 9-11 and the terrorism war that Clinton failed to confront.

According to one report from Defense Department records ( has yet to confirm these numbers) however here are the comparisons between Clinton and Bush on all military deaths so far including wars and otherwise.

Clinton Administration: 7499 military deaths from the first year of his presidency to the end of it.
Bush Administration (approximate to date): 7386 military deaths from the first year of his presidency which includes Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since the start of the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, the
sacrifice has been enormous. In the time period from the invasion of
Iraq in March 2003 through now, we have lost a total of 3,140
soldiers. In the past few days, the death toll in the death told in Iraq has
reached more than 3,500.
As tragic as the loss of any soldier is, consider this: below is
a list of deaths of soldiers while actively serving in the armed
forces from 1980 through 2004:

1980 2,392
1981 2,380
1982 2,319
1983 2,465
1984 1,999
1985 2,252
1986 1,984
1987 1,983
1988 1,819
1989 1,636
1990 1,507
1991 1,787
1992 1,293
1993 1,213
1994 1,075
1995 1,040
1996 974
1997 817
1998 827
1999 796
2000 758
2001 891
2002 999
2003 1,410 534*
2004 1,887 900*
2005 919*
2006 920*
* Figures are Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring
Freedom fatalities only

European descent (white) 69.12%
Hispanic 12.5%
African American 12.3%
Asian 3.7%
Native American 1.0%
Other 2.6%
Now, the fatalities over the past three years in Iraqi Freedom
European descent (white) 74.31%
Hispanic 10.74%
African American 9.67%
Asian 1.81%
Native American 1.09%
Other 2.33%


Anonymous said...

It's not hard to reach any conclusion you want to when you use incomplete data.

What you should be comparing is 7,500 for the Clinton Administration (8 years, 1993-2000, avg of 938/year) and 8,792 for the Bush Administration (6 years, 2001-2006, avg of 1465/year).

NewGnome said...

America was forced into a war because of the failure of Clinton to face the fact that Islamofacists were at war with us while Clinton thought of it as a police problem. Clinton's "vision" was obscured by his problem of watching an intern giving him a BJ instead of looking into the future problems of radical Islam. All the signs were there 6 major terrorist attacks against America and American targets abroad...but Clinton was too worried about getting his jollies.

There were seven terrorist attacks on America targets in the Clinton and Bush administrations. 6 on American targets during Clinton and 1 on the American soil during the Bush administration.

In addition...The 911 attacks are well documented to have been planned during the Clinton years...yet he did nothing...even with all the attacks.

So I lay the 3000 deaths of 911 at the feet of Bill Clinton whether you like it or not. And the death toll in America would have been much more had Bush not taken the war to the terrorists, whether you like that or not.

How may deaths on American streets killing America citizens have there been since Bush started really protecting the homeland?

Anonymous said...

Just like every cancerous Republican, you spend a lot of time convincing yourself of a reality directly contrary to the facts. Look at your pathetic scrambling to "explain" your interpretation of the stats.


Pay attention to what anonymous 1 said. Learn from it, and grow the FK up.

Republicans = cancer.

Anonymous said...

"So I lay the 3000 deaths of 911 at the feet of Bill Clinton whether you like it or not."

That's completely sick. You have mental issues.

NewGnome said...

NO! what is sick is your mamoth ignorance and failure to hold Bill Clinton responsible for the deaths of Americans because he was too interested in Monica’s BJs.

In addition his total lack of vision to understand the threat that Islamofacists posed to America, which he actively ignored, is why 3000 Amercians died.

NewGnome said...

Republican=cancer. Democrat= total stupidity. The difference is that most cancer is curable, stupidity, on the other permanent.

Democrats you actively ignore the real world where Clinton promised to remove American troops in Bosnia/Kosovo in one year and they’re still there. What’s it been now 10 years?

Let’s look at another figure.

Major Islamofacists terrorists attacks on American soil and targets under Clinton.

6....understand that...6, maybe I should spell it for you since you want to ignore it SIX!!!

Under BUSH!

1....understand that....only 1 Islamofacist terrorist attack on American soil despite hundreds of threats by those idiots to kill Americans on American soil. By the way the plane bombers just got convicted in Britain.

And you fiberals want to gut our intelligence gathering...that’s really bright.

Growing up is just what you should do and actually use your brain for something besides Democrat Alzheimers.

Anonymous said...

"Islamofascist" is the hypocritical, pathologically lying Neocon's second-favorite word.

You're garbage. You and all traitors to America should be shot on sight.

Anonymous said...

You lie so much it's funny. I showed your page to 20 friends. We made a drinking game out of the frequency of your lies. No one lasted 5 minutes.

At least you're good for something.

You're an absolute hypocrite. You bitch and bitch about Clinton but you don't have one word of criticism for the vast catastrophe that is Bush? You're done. You lost the right to be taken seriously.

NewGnome said...

“Shot on sight,” now is that with our without benefit of constitutional rights? You are a perfect example of commie-cons who scream about human rights, as long as you’re the one pulling rope on the guillotine. Of I forgot, you'd rather shoot anyone who may disagree with you. Reads like you’re the one who is a traitor to America’s basic principles. Kill descent! a very typical Democrat/fiberal response when
they've lost an argument.

NewGnome said...

“Drinking game.” That explains a lot. You’ve drown so many of the few brain cells you had in alcohol it’s no wonder you can’t think straight.

“I’ve lost the right to be taken seriously?” I suggest that you check out the 12-step program at Alcoholics Anonymous. They tell me that you have to quit lying to yourself and admit your addiction. But for you commie-cons I know that’s nearly impossible. Good luck in overcoming your problem.

But I always hold out hope for those of your ilk. If David Mamet can do can you.

Anonymous said...

"Shot on sight,” now is that with our without benefit of constitutional rights?"

As I said: you're a hypocritical, lying sack of bush-spuzz gagging traitorous garbage. you don't have the right to type a *single* word about constitutionality after voting for this fraud. you're nuts.

again, you sacrifice even more of your right to be taken seriously (as if it were possible).

later cancer goon. we'll be laughing our asses off when you and the other Nazi bystanders face their own firing squads.

you are a traitor to america. you should be deeply ashamed of yourself. but we all know lying hypocrites have no shame.

NewGnome said...

Dear Mr. Garbage.

You loose a string of invectives a mile long. You offer no facts, only vituperrious slanderous name calling. What is your point. So you don't like President Bush…surprise, surprise. You aggressively ignore history, excuse Clinton's failures and think talking to despotic regimes who want to kill you because of their religious beliefs will solve everything.

You would allow murdering Islamofacists to kill Americans and then blame the Americans for getting in the way of their bombs. You think the "Nazi" Americans will be putting me in front of a firing squad. Well my friend, long before that happens, your actions will have allowed Islamists to force you to convert and you'll be on your knees 5 time a day kissing the ring of the likes of Muqtada al Sadr.

Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt all used the sedition act to incarcerate Americans … without trial, but you wouldn't allow Bush to fight terrorists killing Americans on our own soil, yet you would deny our current president the same tools to stop terrorists.

It's always amazing to me, the lengths to which people like you go to blame and betray America. And you betray America with every word you write. I'm glad there are leaders who ignore your retarded rants and are willing to keep America from the very people before whom you would kneel. I don't consider you nuts as you describe me, I think you're just so utterly stupid you're incapable of understanding the real world.

Anonymous said...


Post #1
1. I'm smarter and more capable than you will ever dream of being.
2. You're pathetic. You grew up afraid of your father and you accept and abusive leader as your "adulthood" father.
3. Terror, terror, terror. YAWN. Look, EXPLETIVE DELETED, learn to use "lose" in a sentence correctly and I'll read your next retarded post.
4. You *still* haven't posted the actual current military deaths statistics. Hmmmmm....
If what I do "amazes you", let it be known that what you "doesnt (SIC) surprise me". Facts is facts, sonny. And you don't have a single one.
You're truly pathetic, you traitor to America.

Post #2
I can't decide which is the sickest part of your small brain:
1. your infinite capacity for self-delusion?
2. YOU'RE the terrorist, plain and simple. You don't get it. Bush is going to jail. You Nazi-boy Bush supporters are the bystanders. You'll live with the shame.
Get out of the bunker and get some fresh air, Nazi Traitor.

Post #3

You're just like Bush. You should be proud. You post only the information that serves you best. but don't worry. we're saving all of the unposted material for a more free blog. oh, you know all about freedome (SIC)?
What a EXPLETIVE DELETED. You're a joke. Literally. You have become a joke.
America will eat you alive. My question to you is this: what will you do when Bush is in jail? Picket outside?
You may reply with the frothy sputterings of a self-deluded Nazi Traitor Boy now.

NewGnome said...

NEWSGNOME NOTE: Mr. Garbage mouth seems to be incapable to writing without offensive language. I have edited the worst of it out. Too bad if he doesn’t like it. Beginning today, if he continues to use this kind of language, his comments will not be posted. He will be edited off my blog. He has just posted three times and they’re all essentially the same: name calling and cussing.

Dear Mr. Garbage Mouth,
First and foremost, if you continue to curse in your comments I will not post them as noted above. I know you have a hard time writing anything but name-calling, but all cursing proves is you don’t have a good enough vocabulary to compete intellectually. You’ve posted three items full of abusive name calling and expletives deleted. I’ve combined them in the interest of brevity and am responding to all three and have edited your most abusive words.

1. This could be fun. So you’re “smarter and more capable” than what? Do you want to compare net worth...believe me you’ll lose.

2. And now you’re a psychologist who can divine my relationship with my father. Obviously, your hate-filled rhetoric and mind illustrates you’re relationship with your own father and what he taught you. You have “projected” (that a psych term Garbage so you’ll know) your own childhood onto me. I’m sorry for you. Your childhood must have been filled with criticism from him and you never did anything right and were constantly criticized for your innumerable failures. I’m so sorry for your having to live with such guilt.

3. “Yawn at terror” all you want but if there had been more successful attacks killing Americans on American soil you’d be the first to demand that Bush put everybody in jail who even looked like a Muslim.

As for the use of the word “loose.” You’d better go back to the dictionary or maybe talk to an English teacher because your English is atrocious. I will condescend to teach you a thing or two. “Lose’ means to have a loss of something. ‘Loose’ means to release or unleash something, as in your case where you unleashed or LOOSED a string of name calling invectives against me personally. Just because you slept through English class, don’t assume you know it by osmosis. I also find it interesting you don’t know the definition of loose and patronizingly criticize me but can’t spell the work FREEDOM.

Definition: (SIC) It simply means a mechanism used by publications on “letters to the editor” that this was posted as written by the poster and the obvious error was not changed.

PS: You have criticized the military death numbers I posted. What you don’t say is that that post was almost a year old and you’re criticizing it now. You had to read through a lot of stuff on my blog to get that far back. I will post some new numbers and put them in perspective....I warn you, you won’t like them but keep watching for them on NewsGnome.

NewGnome said...

A few guesses....Mr. Garbage is a college student who's in the process of taking his psychology 101 and thinks he sound smart by using a couple of the first things you hear in psych.

He's been indoctrinated by college professors to swallow whole the tripe put out by those same professors, but since his vocabulary is small he is restricted by that limitation.

Anonymous said...

You shat out:
"...but can’t spell the work FREEDOM."

1. I assume you don't know what a typo is, and so we can all safely presume you actually did not infact mean "word". You are a confirmed loser.

2. Apparently your daddy failed to beat all of the typos out of you. Pity.

Your writing (like your thinking) is an utter disaster.

I still don't see the correct stats up there, kiddo. Keep fooling yourself. You gotta be right at *something*.

NewGnome said...

Geeze garbage mouth, I’m proud of you. Criticizing my typos without all the disgusting language. You are obviously progressing a little. However I don’t see an apology for your mistake about the word “loose?” I’m assuming that you actually opened a dictionary. Amazing!

What is this obsession you have over the number of military deaths from an an internet email put on blog that’s a year old and then fail to consider the results of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s refusal to take Osama bin Laden when they could so the Clintons failure and the three-thousand American deaths are on his watch. The whole terrible terrorist attack was planned during the Clinton administration despite the warnings of 6 major terrorist attacks. So, Clinton’s death count starts with just under 3,000 Americans. You can add the 7500 military deaths during the Clinton years, and you can check Snopes for this one since they’re the one who republished the number. That’s 10500 on my calculator. I’m sure you have one that will give you numbers that justify your obsession.

At the time of the posting of my blog the number of deaths between Clinton and Bush was not too far
apart even if it was 6 years and 8 years. So what! But the biggest difference that makes your half-witted obsession pathetic is that not one American has died on American soil since 911 thanks to George Bush’s policies. Not Bill Clinton’s. He let Americans die. Apparently you and he don’t care if Americans die on our own streets. For that he can never be forgiven. During the Clinton years the Twin Towers were bombed Clinton didn’t do squat. He did nothing when terrorists blew up the embassies, Khobar Towers or the Cole. Of course he ran in Somalia and our soldiers paid the price. He helped start a war in Bosnia. Our soldiers are still there after he promised to get them out in a year. Lie number 10-thousand for Clinton.

If you want to still make excuses for Clinton be my guest. I have a son whose been to the middle east during the to keep ungrateful dipsticks like you free while you spit on our soldiers. Six hundred soldiers died practicing for the Normandie landing on D-Day for your freedom.

Thanks to Clinton, Saddam Hussein continued killing people. He did nothing. I did a search and discovered that Hussein killed an average of 425 people for everyday he was in power. That ended when Bush stopped him. Clinton did nothing. In fact Hussein killed a total of 1,241,000 people while Clinton was in office. He’s not killing anybody any more. So take your obsession and eat it. I simply don’t care if you don’t like the numbers. Got out and vote for Hillary if you love the Clintons so much.

PS: It's too bad that you can't write without your putrid language.

Anonymous said...

I'm back.

I specifically said America would get rid of Republicans like the cancer you are.

And we did.

You can move to Kentucky now.

I *STILL* don't see the correct/updated military deaths by president posted yet. My first post was a year ago. The statistics are horrific for Bush now.

Bush. lolololol.

NewGnome said...

You must be hollow by now being eaten from the inside by your own hate. Sorry you're still living in the past. It must be lonely back there.

100 million people are now free because of Bush. Not one of your family or you are dead from terrorist attacks on America thanks to BUSH and you just can't handle that. If there had been another 100 terrorists attacks on American soil like Al Qaeda had planned you'd be criticizing Bush for not doing enough.

Ashamed said...

Human garbage.........this whole thread......human fucking garbage......hate monte mongering useless keyboard bravado. Garbage the lot of it.....

NewsGnome said...

You're worried about a post that is six years old? Clinton is no longer in office and neither is Bush. Why don't you get on Obama's case for his hate, envy, fear and racism that was the whole of his campaign. Do you have a real job or a part-time job or do you even have a job?